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Contents contributed and discussions participated by bekay00


Old "FURL tags" still in tag cloud, although no bookmark is tagged with it - 25 views

tag edit remove delete bug inconsistency ampersand &
  • bekay00
    Then I haven't made myself clear enough. With "tag cloud" I mean the list of tags! In this list the &-tag is still listed, although (AS YOU CAN SEE) "no bookmarks tagged &". And I have deleted the ampersand tag from all bookmarks months ago...
  • bekay00
    > Please: is it only the one tag
    > &
    > that is inconsistent?

    No, there some more tags like:

    ...I'm sure I have missed some more, but these are for certain!
  • bekay00
    Nothing has changed... there is bug und nobody there to help you.
Wes J

Tag cloud not working - 121 views

review 20091015 Delcious import diigo tag cloud bug
  • bekay00
    Wes J wrote:

    > I created a Diigo account around 2 weeks ago, and imported 2500+ bookmarks
    > from Delicious. The tags from those imported bookmarks still do not appear in
    > my tag cloud when I click on "My Tags."
    > I assume this is due to the recent tag issues? Should I just wait, or would it
    > be better to delete my imported bookmarks and re-import them?
    > Thanks!

    Well, you are certainly not alone. I've had to migrate from FURL. I still wait for my tag cloud (now for serveral weeks). It is annoying and I don't know, if anyone can help me... :(

    A re(import) was useless in my case...
  • bekay00
    And still nothing have changed... where did you migrate, Wes J?
Maggie Tsai

[Important] Furl transition update - 344 views

furl faq
  • bekay00
    Maggie Tsai wrote:

    > f) Tags display: Once bookmarks are imported, it will still take one
    > or a few days for your tags to get indexed, shown and searched properly due
    > to the large number of data under processing. This also applies to edit your
    > tags and the display result as well. Again, don't worry, if you cannot find
    > and search your tags right away.

    I have already waited two weeks. Is this normal?
  • bekay00
    Graham Perrin wrote:

    > Maggie wrote:
    > > [Important] Furl transition update
    > @ bekay00:
    > 1. now, I can not reproduce the problem, 42800 does appear in my cloud
    > seconds after creation of the tag
    > 2. earlier, in a topic relating to tags, I could not reproduce the problem
    > For any issue that does not affect all transitioning users, it may be best to
    > detail the issue in a separate topic.

    When I create a new bookmark, the tags of it are accessible at once - my cloud: --> but when you click "sprache" you will find more than this one bookmark. So, it is a furl transition problem, because merely the furl-tags are not shown and evaluated in my cloud :(
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