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Vahid Masrour

Twitter not available in Chrome - 48 views

diigo chrome twitter suggestion toolbar

started by Vahid Masrour on 10 Mar 10
  • Vahid Masrour
    I see that the extension of Diigo for Chrome has got quite polished. Polished enough that i can now consider switching over to chrome (true fact: without Diigo, i could not consider switching).

    I can see that the interface has changed a bit, which i can understand due to Chrome's restrictions (but i do miss my diigo toolbar).

    How come the twitter function is gone? I was so happy to tweet my discoveries, and Diigo made it easy... Please tell me this feature is about to be rolled out.
  • yc c
    Just tried, but I still prefer the Diigolet.
    It's really fantastic, it adds a toolbar. It has all the features the extension has + 'highlight and sticky note' context-menu.
  • Graham Perrin

    >> Tweeting WITHOUT Diigo Toolbar

    > We are working on tweeting through sever side.

    > Let us know your thought about this feature.
  • Graham Perrin
    > twitter publishing button

    = a microblogging button

    > in the bookmark dialogue window.

    You can have a microblogging button without the Diigo bookmark dialogue, did you try the bookmarklet mentioned in ?
  • Vahid Masrour
    WAOW!! Latest changes for the diigo tool in Chrome have turned out GREAT!!! Thanks everybody!!! I can now post to twitter, Facebook, Buzz, send an e-mail, or get the annotated link. AWESOME!!! Congrats to the team that got this running. I am now happier than ever with Diigo! That took just 10 days from my last post!! Perfect customer service! Thank you again.

    BTW, i presented and evangelized at the barcampUIO (Quito, Ecuador) Diigo: Diigo is the Best.

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