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started by ndbrad02 on 01 Jun 07
  • ndbrad02
    My tags are not showing up in any drop-down menus - either the Tags drop-down in the Edit filter box or the Tag drop-down in the bookmark box. Trying to decide whether to move do diigo instead of my folder-based bookmarks, but will not do this if I can't easily look up my list of tags without going to the diigo site or apply my common tags without typing them in every time. Thanks for any help anyone could provide.
  • Maggie Tsai

    Do you always have this problem, or a new one?

    Please advise more details - computer specs, operating system, browser type, toolbar version, etc... If you're a FF user, please take a look of this
  • Joel Liu
    If you are using FF, before you do anything else, please check: FF==> Tools ==>Options ==> Privacy ==>History ==>[Check box] Remember what I enter in the forms and search bar. If it is unchecked, you can check it and see whether the auto-suggestion feature works for you in the Edit filter box or Tag drop-down box.
  • anonymous
    similar problem here in the diigo-website. To reproduce:

    - in the diigo-website, tag a bookmark as 'mytag'
    - submit it and 'mytag' becomes visible in the 'My Tags'-box (after a page refresh, which is another 'problem')
    - click 'mytag' in the 'My Tags'-box
    - ...You have no bookmarks under mytag...
  • Joel Liu
    It's was a temporary problem. Please check your bookmarks, it should be Ok now.

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