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Chris Lasher

Tag limit is too limiting. - 182 views

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started by Chris Lasher on 05 Apr 08
  • Chris Lasher
    I find the limit of 10 tags per bookmark arbitrarily restrictive; the limit creates a disadvantage to an otherwise superior social bookmarking service. Please consider removing this limit or placing it at some significantly higher number (e.g. 30 tags). Diigo prides itself on doing more; tagging should not be an exception.
  • Wade Ren
    agree. in a few days.
  • Chris Lasher
    I'd like to add that this essay points out the reasons why you don't want to restrict tag usage of the community:

    Briefly, you want tags to be associable in order to connect related concepts, but tag distribution has a "long tail". Limiting the tags cuts off this tail, severing many connections between concepts.
  • Chris Lasher
    I hadn't realized this limit was strictly imposed by the Diigo add-on. Apparently the web interface allows more than 10 tags.

    I would like to bring up that there still exists a total character limit for tags, though.
  • Joel Liu
    Hi Chris,
    You can download 3.1.5 version FF toolbar now. The tag limit number in this version is 20.

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