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Sean Mitchell

Save or print with highlights and stickies visible - 432 views

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started by Sean Mitchell on 10 Jun 07
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  • Sean Mitchell
    Hi ,

    Diigo is a wonderful tool. Is there a way to print or save annotated webpages so that the stickies and highlights are visible? It seems that this would be a pretty common need for people using diigo for reserach, and who want to look at their work offline or on paper.

    On a related note, any plans to put stickies and highlights in the cache? It's a real shame to lose annotations just because a webpage changes.


  • Maggie Tsai

    Agree and thanks for your input. We'll be offering more enhancements. Meanwhile, few things you can do now:

    1) Extract (we will also further enhance more features here...)
    2) Use search to pull out what you need, and use expand to display and print them
    2) Export as CSV format

    Annotation in cache - sometimes that will require more work - but it's on our agenda to discuss more here.

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