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Stephen Henneberry

REQUEST: Ignore User, Ignore Sticky Note - 48 views

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started by Stephen Henneberry on 05 Nov 08
  • Stephen Henneberry
    I wish there was a way to delete another user's sticky note, or at least set it to "ignore" for my account. If you look at sites like , you will see random annoying sticky notes from past users. Can we get an "ignore this sticky note" and/or an "ignore this user" option in there somewhere?

  • Graham Perrin
    For three of those sticky notes, the sticker's page advises that

    > There is no user named Mokachino

    so IMHO it should be reasonable for that user's annotations to be removed from that particular home page.

    Re there has been an improvement to the relationship between site home pages and public annotations.

    > ignore this user

    - may be a little harsh upon novices, who may not have realised that they were leaving debris

    > ignore this sticky note

    - sounds like a good idea …
  • Joel Liu
    A new toolbar version with view filter feature is in testing now.
  • Joel Liu
    Hi Stephen,
    The view filter feature is available in new firefox toolbar. After you install it, go to Diigo toolbar ==> Highlight drop down menu ==> See All annotation to choose filter.
  • Stephen Henneberry
    Thanks, that seems to take care of it. I appreciate the help!

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