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Chris Lott

Quickly Save and share with individual contact - 45 views

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started by Chris Lott on 12 Dec 08
  • Chris Lott
    Is there a quick way to-- in the process of bookmarking-- also share with a single individual? I am using the toolbar, when I bookmark I get a choice of all friends or a list-- seems silly to make a contact list for one friend?

    And is there a tag option similar to for:x tagging in delicious?
  • Chris Lott
    Thanks... I found (and find) this a bit confusing. I see how it works, but:

    If I choose "Share with Friends" there's no way to specify an individual Diigo contact (seems like there should be)... this was where I assumed I could, well, share with *a* friend.

    And if I choose Save and Send, which sounds like it would be to people outside of the system, I *can* do that... a function which seems more properly a "friend" kind of thing :)



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