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Graham Perrin

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started by Graham Perrin on 05 Oct 09
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  • yc c
    I see the number at the end of the URL, or as a hidden form value
    Not you?

    I don't understand:
    'Only if I sign out from Diigo, I gain a group meta view of yuppi c's most recent bookmark: '

    Recent bookmark? That link leads to advanced name search Diigo_HQ
  • Graham Perrin
    > Not you?

    No, I don't see the number.

    Example: at I see no way to refer to a particular bookmark.
  • yc c
    well...How an earth do you find out the ID!?
    They need to track bookmarks so maybe it's in the cookie somewhere:

    __utma=17482284.2469997469865450500.1251399085.1259574919.1259579907.225;|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/pages/diigo-bookmarklets-temp.html; __qca=P0-1682768707-1252353052280; __gads=ID=1d6a6443ebe78e3a:T=1252353069:S=ALNI_MZWg7vqGjkhmQZTLIp--wnhPaZ-Lg; __unam=4f7a96d-1239e04cfe1-45fbc297-3; CHKIO=c784a88231f1de9bb3ca013cd02f01e9; diigoandlogincookie=f1-.-ycc2106-.-20-.-1; bookmark_display_mode=advanced; __utmx=17482284.00007027570792345723:1:0-0-1-3; __utmxx=17482284.00007027570792345723:478167:2592000; _csoot=1259146961310; _csuid=498d4826347c8603; TLMEB_rn=483720244; __utma=1.532468281.1258812617.1258812617.1258812617.1; __utmz=1.1258812617.1.1.utmccn=(direct)|utmcsr=(direct)|utmcmd=(none); __qseg=Q_D; __csv=a34f464074dc4ab0; wooTracker=RYHG9VTOS9JA2LQCVGPZBD9ZSTIQ3ZXB; enqp=c979e3959cf76e7eac19d31c68313715; g_cus_data=item_display_mode:advanced; _smasher_session=a0951bf20b35936669e44da29c38f97b; __utmc=17482284; _session_id=39a7b0380237c01ec68674c49ef621a5; __utmb=17482284.5.10.1259579907
  • Graham Perrin

    Bump, please, without this feature/knowledge I can't really contribute to Diigo groups in the way that I want to.
  • yc c
    That's too much for me.
    BTW, why do you want to know the ID?

    PS: again I can't see the content of the meta page. Get 'missing plugin' msg like this
  • Joel Liu
    Ok.We will add the item entry back.
  • Graham Perrin
    Joel and co, thanks!

    (I honestly can't recall whether/how the feature appeared in Diigo 3.x, but it'll really help me to speed through private group work …)
  • Joel Liu
    It was in V4 preview before.
  • Graham Perrin
    A great improvement, thanks!

    Now, for example at
    we can use the More menu of any bookmark to gain a link to that bookmark:

  • Graham Perrin
    Re-opening this topic for a minor improvement suggestion.

    It's impossible to learn the URL of the group bookmark if you are not a member of the group.

    Example: at I see the bookmark but there's no More menu to offer the link.

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