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John Brigham

Feature Request: smart lists or compound tags - 84 views

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started by John Brigham on 16 Apr 08
  • Spiral Funk
    John Brigham wrote:
    > Apologies if these feature exists already but I haven't found it. I think it would be helpful to have some way to "smart save" groups of bookmarks. Maybe smart lists - bookmarks are automatically included in the list if they match pre-defined criteria. Alternatively, how about compound tags - saving a group of tags as one compound or meta tag inclusive of all sub tags.

    Yes! We need a way to automatically include bookmarks in a list based on specific tag combinations.

    If one wants to take it to the extremes (and i'd like that ;), one advanced way could be to have a Gmail-like filtering in Diigo. Gmail allows you to automatically label emails based on specific criterias. The same thing could work in Diigo. You could filter bookmarks by a combination of tags, bookmarkers, lists etc., and then assign these bookmarks to tags, lists, convert to public/private etc.

    Too advanced, too complicated? I say "advance enough" ;)
  • Soul Book
    gmail filters would be very cool for power users. Though I think smart lists/smart groups might be easier for a lot of users to pick up. Both would be nice ;-)

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