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started by N N on 16 Jan 10
  • N N
    I quite like Diigo but as a new user I've had 3 substantial and significant issues so far that dampens my trust level for Diigo as a service worth investing significant time in, here's why:

    1) My account was deactivated (appeared deleted); I wrote Diigo and it was reactivated (no reason given, but at least it was back on)

    2) Diigo unfollowed me from all my friends; I added them all back after af friend notified me and I consequently wrote to Diigo about it but have been given no no response; it's now been many days

    3) Diigo removed or deleted all my groups, including one I co-authored with a friend; I wrote to Diigo about it but have not received any response; it's now been many days

    On a scale of 1-10 I'd say this ranks close to 9 on the seriousness level: we have an account completely deactivated (inability to use Diigo at all: doh); all friends unfollowed (fare ye well, friends) and all groups deleted (bye bye data). Of course for a real 10 you'd also need all your bookmarks to be deleted* as well but still, I think you'd be hard-pressed not to agree that there's some serious issues at play here. (* and perhaps your ass kicked while you're shown the door.)

    I really want to trust Diigo and put more effort into it but that requires at least a fairly promt response a la: bug received, developer assigned to it and finally: bug fixed - preferably with some kind of reason.

    So for now Diigo is on the back burner as far as I'm concerned. It's a bit hard to trust with issues on this magnitude happening with no response back from the service. Since the beta is public, you can't really not be part of it and so you place your efforts at quite some risk. So just be mindful of this - at least I've made significant efforts in other services on a very large scale (systematic topic formation and quality link gathering) for thousands of groups - but if they all vanish without a trace with no response it doesn't exactly boost confidence.

    I hope Diigo will be the next large social network but there's several issues, not just technical but also with respect to the user feedback loop and customer service.

    My 1 cent
  • Jack Logan
    Bent and Diigo,

    I haven't had the same level of difficulty that you have, Bent, but I have written to Diigo about some concerns that I have and the most sufficient thing that has happened is that they have given no response at all.

    This is disturbing and, if I were in your shoes, Bent, with the same things happening to me, I'd feel the same as you do.

    I haven't put a lot of time into Diigo either, but I'm now beginning to think that I won't.

  • chrisdymond
    I def need reassurance too before rolling it out to a bunch of users - and I haven't seen any community relations from Diigo so far either.

    I first posted on 11th Jan, so far have reported 10 issues, it's now the 17th and no response or acknowledgement on any of them. I know it's still 'in beta' but I'm going to need better service than that.
  • N N
    I don't want to discourage anyone but given my past experiences I want to leave my experiences in the public as a cautionary tale. I'd be doing everyone a disservice if I didn't.
  • yc c
    Personally, I have never encountered any such problem, at worst an occasional loss of a bookmark.

    Looks like your account was deleted.
    Maybe your name was misplaced into the black list of spammers?
    You say they gave you no reason, I hope they gave you at least some excuses?

    I know Diigo's trying hard to get rid of spammers (same goes for self promotion in groups-you get banned!), which I admire, not much SB's try as hard.
    This is important to me, spam lowers the quality of the database, the search results...

    ...spammers @#!!
  • Joel Liu
    Hi Bent,
    I am sorry your account was marked as spammers mistakenly. We will improve the anti-spam system to make it more accurate.

  • Jack Logan
    Oouuch. More problems - sorry, Bent!
  • Joel Liu
    There's something else wrong atm - I can't see some private groups I've been invited to a couple of times now. ===>All groups in spammer account are removed. You need to rejoin the group. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
  • N N
    Joel, these are groups I was repeatedly invited to after my account was "back to normal", yet I can't see them.

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