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Massimo Vannucci

Cannot edit any boomark - 93 views

cannot edit bookmarks tag inconsistency remove delete import bug noted Firefox review 20091006

started by Massimo Vannucci on 02 Oct 09
  • Massimo Vannucci
    Hi to all!
    I imported all my Firefox bookmarks into Diigo using "Import bookmarks..." and then I had the need to manage tags (ex. Edit or Delete) but I am unable to do it!
    The system doesn't give me an error, it refreshes the page like it has deleted the items and then, refreshing again due to the filter tag that I have applied, it shows again everything!
    The problem is on every bookmark on my page :(

    Thank you in advance for your help :)
  • Massimo Vannucci
    The problem is that I imported them on the 30th of Sept. and I have the same problem yet :/
  • Massimo Vannucci
    The Firefox extension was (and is)
  • Massimo Vannucci
    Thank you, I did a search before posting and I found that thread!
    From yesterday I can edit bookmarks but still today I cannot edit tags :/
  • Joel Liu
    Hi Massimo,
    I am looking into the issue now.
  • Joel Liu
    We are patching some data which may affect the recent bookmarks. Please wait another day and try it again.

  • Massimo Vannucci
    OK, thank you for your support! ^^
  • Massimo Vannucci
    With the tags I'm still having problems...
  • Joel Liu
    Let me know some sample problem tags and the destination tags you want.
  • Massimo Vannucci
    For example I cannot delete the following tags:
  • Massimo Vannucci
    Now I don't have anymore these tags but I still can't edit any TAG...
  • Joel Liu
    We are still tracking the root problem.

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