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Can I tag just the highlighted parts of an article? - 13 views

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started by hartlp on 28 Aug 07
  • hartlp
    Hi folks, I am really new to diigo and I already like it a lot!

    I wonder if I could do a more sophisticated thing with diigo. Let me explain:

    I have various pages with mixed contend, e.g. Articles on "Fruits". Now I'd like to highlight and tag everything concerning "Apples" and view it inside My Diigo. Another time I'd like to tag information on "Oranges" and keeping it separated from my "Apples" story .

    As I understand it tags are URL-related whereas sticky notes are highlights-related. I'd like to know if there is a possibility to get highlights-related tags.
  • Maggie Tsai

    Glad that you find Diigo useful and welcome to Diigo community! If you like Diigo now, you will love even more what's yet to come :-)

    That's an interesting idea but requires lots of thinking - interface wise. Currently highlight something is simply select and block of text and click Diigo (highlight) and you're done. No additional input box required... So to support such a feature may require extra input box and may be extremely inconvenient to majority of users who don't see a need to add highlight-related tags?

    Also, wonder how much a need this is? a would be nice to have, or a highly desirable feature?

    We will soon introduce a new feature to allow you to have better way of organizing your info - please watch for its release (soon) and let us know whether that may assist you in addressing your organization issue.

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