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Lindsay Donaghe

Browsing/Searching Groups in Diigo sidebar - 59 views

browsing searching sidebar suggestion

started by Lindsay Donaghe on 15 May 08
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  • Lindsay Donaghe
    Hi Diigoers,

    I have started using the Groups feature with a few people and I would like to be able to browse the links in a group or use the search feature from the handy sidebar app in FireFox. It's really nice to not have to go to the site to look up my bookmarks, and so I'd like to see the same convenience for groups.

    If no one has suggested this before then I'll throw it out as a feature request!

    Thanks for the great searvice/tools. I use them every day!

  • Graham Perrin
    As a workaround, you could use the feed from the group as a live bookmark in Firefox, but this seems to be bugged.

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