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Amanda Salt

ICT in my Classroom - 2 views

  • Space for me to explore my ideas and experiences of ICT in my classroom
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      Grace Kat

      Students as Contributors on Edublogs: the Quick and Easy Way - 0 views

        | always learning
      dolors reig

      (Clones) Redes sociales o comunidades (institucionales, educativas), de códig... - 0 views

        Comunidades de alumnos de determinado curso, comunidades profesionales para distintos fines, redes institucionales o corporativas que persigan distintos objetivos. Tenéis opciones open source para cualquier necesidad en la creación de redes.
      Robin Fodness

      EduBlogs - 10 views

      shared by Robin Fodness on 07 Aug 07 - Cached
        Blog with your students (yearly fee)
      Aleksey Zolotarev - 0 views

      Lori Rake

      The Best Web 2.0 Applications For Education In 2012 - So Far | Larry Ferlazzo... - 0 views

        Good article about some great tools

      Edutech for Teachers » Blog Archive » Positively Smashing: Photo Mapo, Pic Co... - 1 views

        Great idea!
      Aleksey Zolotarev

      Will You Wave? 25 Google Wave Resources | Teacher Reboot Camp - 0 views

        Will You Wave? 25 Google Wave Resources
      Evelyn McCormack

      BigThink Looking for Exceptional Young People | School Communications 2.0 - 0 views

        Attention teachers, students and parents: One of my favorite websites, BigThink, is launching a new series on Friday called "10 Under 25," which focuses on the exceptional contributions that young people are making to global society.
      Evelyn McCormack

      Get an Ivy League Education on Academic Earth | School Communications 2.0 - 0 views

        continue to be fascinated by what the Web offers up these days, and the latest site to catch my undivided attention is Academic Earth, which provides you with dozens of lectures by professors at some of this country's best universities - Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley and Harvard - on topics ranging from English to Entrepreneurship.
      IN PI

      Help Me Demonstrate The Importance Of Personal Learning Networks! - 0 views

        ECAWA - several PLN personal reports shared for Sue Water's presentation
      Susan Sedro

      Marking work in Google Docs | ICT in my Classroom - 1 views

      • you need to make it explicit with the class what they must expect to see in their work in terms of marking and feedback.
      • important to have a few methods that are simple and have a clarity in terms of their feedback function
      • able to quickly distribute a single document and the idea of children handing work in to me. Sharing is the most important part of all of this
        good workflow ideas for using google docs with students
        What is the best way to give feedback on a piece of work produced in Google Docs? What formatting tools are most appropriate to use when leaving comments? How do you organise 30 to 60 pieces of work handed in to you? How do children hand in work? What new possibilities does this process uncover?
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