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Articles: Making Cents - 0 views

    I'm sure each generation of musicians feels they've lived through a time of tremendous change, but the shifts I've witnessed in my relatively short music career-- from morphing formats to dissolving business models-- do seem extraordinary. The first album I made was originally released on LP only, in 1988-- and my next will likely only be pressed on LP again.

Online Support Groups For Alcoholism - Sober Nation - 0 views

    • symone008
      - AA now have online forums - Are online forums the first step to finding face to face groups?
  • he “12 step program” designed by Alcoholics Anonymous has proven to be a tangible tool for recovery from alcohol addiction and can now be accessed and followed online with feedback from members of the online support group community. Online alcoholism rehab may not ever completely replace face-to-face counseling, including group therapy, as encountered in A.A. meetings.  However, to those who are taking an initial step toward their recovery, the flow of support and strength to be gained from coming in touch with real people at online support groups for alcoholism can be enough of a stimulus to help one make it through one more day.
    Main article about abuse of alcohol. AA has online forums. 

Artistic Dreaming - Women, Art and Empowerment in La Perouse | Human Rights in Australi... - 0 views

  • Ngala Nanga Mai
  • Since its inception, it has been an accessible and popular program within the community, bringing together mostly young women from lower-socio economic backgrounds that face issues of social isolation and disadvantage, which have previously restricted them from using these essential services.
  • Often, guest artists will attend to lead workshops that expose the women to different artistic techniques and cultural experiences.
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  • The project is about women and children and their access to health, education, art and social interaction. Art is central: it is about the process for the individual as an integrated being
  • be removed from their circumstances by immersing in the present and learn about themselves through the process of education and expression.
  • For the women, these meeting times exist in a space that provides a momentary respite from the role of mothering, where they can focus on the project before them,
  • We discuss how art gives shape to identity, pain and discovery as it taps into the unconscious. It connects the body, mind and spirit, allowing the opportunity to create and then step back and reflect. It is this holistic process that promotes the greatest right: human dignity.
  • Overall well-being has increased, contributed to by a greater sense of purpose, social connectedness, self-confidence and belonging.
  • In the past four years, Ngala Nanga Mai has grown into a strong, unified group that continues to prosper.
  • Art will forever remain one of the most effective mediums of expression. As blank canvases are filled with colours that depict stories, identities and lives, art will continue to inspire and empower change, growth and reflection. Initiatives such as Ngala Nanga Mai reveal the potential of art as a tool for promoting human development, building community and fostering well-being. Whilst law, policy and large-scale government intervention lack the capacity to ensure holistic change on an institutional level, it is vital that more creative ventures emerge that foster artistic expression, human rights and social empowerment. With motivation they are not only possible but sustainable.

YWDEP - 0 views

    Interactions, interviews, testimonials of The Young Women's Drumming Empowerment Project out of Washington, DC. Hoaning in on the interviews with Maya & Amari-sharing their beliefs on what this program of empowering young women has done for their life. What they believe it can do for all young women who come in contact with it.

SoundCloud Manages Criticism As It Moves To Become The YouTube Of Audio - 0 views

  • Now with 38 million users, the platform has users in almost every country around the world. It could hit 55 million users by year’s end as it registers 70,000 people a day.
  • The company has more than tripled its user base since January 2012, when it had 10 million individuals registered. Since its redesign, average plays per artist have gone from about 6,900 a month in December to more than 12,000 plays in March

How SoundCloud Is Avoiding Becoming The Next MySpace - 0 views

  • “What started as a way to share files is now way more about the social experience.”
  • Ljung says SoundCloud functions less like MySpace in its heyday and more like a Flickr or YouTube for sound.

Engaging Communities through creative arts. - 1 views

    -testimonials of community engagement with arts. -the importance of such presence.

Interview with Jawole Willa Jo Zollar - 0 views

    founder and artistic director of Urban Bush Woman out of New York City. -speaks of inspiration, influences of her movement/project -sheds light on intertwined history of the Black Art's Movement -reflects on community-what individual voices provide -"I can be me, and I can create from that place. I can create from who I am and from the strengths and vulnerabilities of my community."

Michigan Womyn's Music Festival - 0 views

    This journal was a recap of an All-Woman's (Womyn's) Music Festival in Michigan in 1984. Though it doesn't provide specific instances of a woman's connection of music to building her confidence and self-esteem-it's an interesting insight to understand where woman who were heavily doused with feminism, musicality, community, radicalness. Speaking of woman coming together as one community versus drawing the divides between sexual preferences and ways of identifying oneself. I felt most connected to this article since I had the privilege for two years to attend a festival/conference as open and eclectic as this but definitely not as full of frustration and anger to the anti-feminists.
Bonnie Boaz

BBC - Future - Can Facebook make you sad? - 1 views

    Studies suggest browsing Facebook can make you unhappy
symone008 - 0 views

    • symone008
      Abstract- What legal and criminal events have facilitated a reevaluation of the balance privacy & security? Find examples Historically Police Strategies involve high surveillance and less privacy Preventive law enforcement has caused a new civil privacy paradigm. How does this affect us? Whitaker (2003: 52) claims that "the historical cycle in which violent threats generate the expansion of arbitrary and intrusive powers of government is being repeated. Once again, the constitutional protection of rights is being dismissed, sometimes from the highest offices in the land, as an inconvenient impediment to safety."  - police use crime control/drugs/terrorism to justify expanding their powers  Balancing of Competing Interest Standard- test devised to weigh the permissibility of police surveillance and search powers in relation to privacy Patriots Act ECPA- police may intercept electronic communications, without a warrant or court order CALEA- internet service provider easy access to law enforcement Effects of Increased Police Surveillance on civic life - diminution of privacy rights - Alien conspiracy - Public anxiety  - Public disruption- impediment to free movement - demise of fundamental democratic ideals -- Orwellian surveillance  there is an absence of  understanding, among researchers, about the scope of police surveillance effects on this  dimension of public existence - assess the social and psychological impact of the US police surveillance on civil life? How can we maintain the balance of security and privacy? Withnot being ill-equipped or not deminishing the quality of the US life. 
    Great article of the impact of US police surveillance on civil life.

Consciousness in Human and Robot Minds - 0 views

  • I have discovered that some people are attracted by a third reason for believing in the impossibility of conscious robots. (3) Robots are artifacts, and consciousness abhors an artifact; only something natural, born not manufactured, could exhibit genuine consciousness.
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