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Themba Dlamini

Eskom Bursary & in-service training - Phuzemthonjeni - 0 views

    Eskom Bursary & in-service training
Tiffany Hoefer

Commonwealth of Learning - Training Educators - 0 views

    Nice resource from which to pluck particular needs. Module 1 & 9 could help ict, module 2 with teaching theory, design principles, module 5 with methods of delivery and learner support - other modules could help back up theory and/or practice - modules for guides, needs analysis, etc.
Themba Dlamini

Nurse Training 2012 - - 0 views

    Nurse Training 2012
Teachers Without Borders

Education in Emergencies Training Package - 0 views

    Developed by INEE and the IASC Education Cluster, the EiE harmonized training package combines training materials from the original INEE Minimum Standards, IIEP and the Front Line Responders training packages. The materials include 13 modules with PPTs, Facilitator Guides and exercises as well as guidance on adapting the training materials.
Themba Dlamini

In Service Training Opportunities - 2 views

    In Service Training Opportunities
Teachers Without Borders

Nokia, Unesco join hands | The Nation gives news details - 0 views

  • ISLAMABAD - Nokia and UNESCO Islamabad have launched “Mobile Learning Project for Teacher’s Professional Development” on Thursday as formal collaboration took place in the presence of senior government officials, Nokia and UNESCO representatives.
  • In Pakistan, through the project, Nokia will help UNESCO to enable the delivery of high- quality educational materials to teachers who lack training and resources.
  • Nokia developed the Nokia Education Delivery programme to allow using a mobile phone to access and download videos and other educational materials from a constantly updated education library
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  • We are confident to collaborate with Nokia to provide us with the best platform to train public school teachers. Nokia Education Delivery programme is fit to match our need of delivering quality training to a large number of public school teachers across Pakistan through the project named “Mobile Learning for Teachers”.
  • This unique pilot project for Pakistan has been initiated by UNESCO and AGAHI while Nokia Pakistan will enable the project implementation by providing not just Nokia devices but a complete solution via its Nokia Education Delivery programme.
Teachers Without Borders

INEE Toolkit - Welcome - 0 views

    Welcome to the INEE Toolkit!
    In this Toolkit you will find a wide variety of tools to guide humanitarian aid workers, government officials and educationalists working in the field of education in emergencies. For more information, please visit the toolkit overview.
Teachers Without Borders

BBC News - Teachers 'lack violence training' - 0 views

  • Nearly half of new teachers do not feel properly equipped to deal with violence in the classroom, a survey suggests.

    Figures released to BBC Breakfast suggest two-thirds of newly qualified teachers have received no clear guidance on restraining violent pupils.

  • Schools minister Vernon Coaker said the government backed the proportionate use of force.

    He said: "We know that we live in the real world, we know that sometimes teachers will be faced with difficult situations."

  • The union's Sharon Liburd said: "These violent confrontations can erupt very very quickly, they [teachers] need to be clear about what sort of steps they can take to try to stop the situation from escalating, if they have to physically intervene and how in fact they do that."
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  • "It should be the case that, rather than teachers having to demonstrate the force that was used was reasonable and proportionate, the automatic assumption should be that you trust the teacher's judgement," he said.

    "And that they feel empowered to use whatever force they consider to be appropriate in order to pull apart pupils who are misbehaving, and if anyone has a complaint, then the onus of proof is on the complainant, not on the teacher to defend themselves."

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