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School Report Writer .com

School report comment bank files for teachers - 0 views

    School report comment bank files for most subjects, kindly provided by teachers from a wide range of schools around the world.
Tiffany Hoefer

Learners and Learning: Module | OER Commons - 1 views

    Module that addresses most directly the central, core business of schooling. The aim of the module is to improve the teaching abilities of teachers. It accordingly promotes a theoretically informed understanding of what learning is,how it takes place, and how teachers may go about organising systematic learning. The module enables teachers to analyse learning, and, in so doing, to reflect on what they can do to improve it. Thus, while the module draws on the learning theories of writers like Piaget and Vygotsky, it grounds these examples, practical exercises, and case studies drawn from schools. From SAIDE
Tiffany Hoefer

Questioning Techniques for Use in the Elementary School Classroom | Mindgate Media - 1 views

    This video shows a student teacher demonstrating questioning techniques during a 5th grade history lesson. The video can be used to illustrate both more and less effective methods.
Teachers Without Borders

Disaster-resilient school communities urged - - 0 views

    Considering the vulnerability of children and the role schools can play in case of any natural or human induced disaster, the speakers of a seminar have stressed for creating disaster-resilient school communities that are better trained and equipped for dealing with any such emergency situation.
    They demanded the government to declare May 16 as National School Safety Day and define standard operating procedures (SOPs) for schools which could be followed in case of any disaster. They said that these SOPs should be mounted on school walls and children and teachers be trained to strictly follow them.
Teachers Without Borders

Teens share bullying tales in video booth - Interactive - - 0 views

    For a week in the spring of 2012, CBC-TV's Connect with Mark Kelley set up a video booth in a school in Gatineau, Que. More than 150 students streamed into the booth to pour out their personal anecdotes about bullying.
Martyn Steiner

World English - Project-Based Learning - 0 views

    A simple presentation of benefits and issues of PBL
Teachers Without Borders

Foundation Center - PubHub - Center on Reinventing Public Education - Learning From Cha... - 0 views

    Describes charter school management practices linked to improved student achievement: setting high expectations for student behavior to promote a safe and focused learning environment, and providing intensive, individualized coaching for teachers.
Teachers Without Borders

Between a rock and a hard place: Mercy Womeh's struggle to fund an education in postwar... - 0 views

    Like many Liberians, Mercy Womeh missed several years of education as a result of the 14-year civil war. She is now 18 and determined to complete her final two years of schooling. To fund her education, she crushes rocks. On a good day, she fills as many as seven buckets with stones, selling them to pay her school fees
Teachers Without Borders

BBC News - South Africa education crisis fuels state school exodus - 0 views

  • South Africa's education and finance ministers are being taken to court over poor standards at state schools. The BBC's Karen Allen investigates the education crisis and why some parents in Eastern Cape province are opting to send their children to private schools despite the cost.

    "We are not a flashy family - I'm just an ordinary kid," says Simanye Zondani, 17, as he pores over his maths homework in the subdued light of his home.

    Since his parents died, his aunt has given up her smart "bachelorette" flat in Queenstown and opted instead for a house in the township.

    Start Quote

    We used to have good results, but we are short of maths teachers [and] science teachers”

    End Quote Khumzi Madikane Head teacher at Nonkqubela Secondary

    It means she can now just about afford the £700 ($1,100) to send her nephew to private school.

    Five thousand children, most of them from black families on modest incomes, are switching to independent schools annually.

    The quality varies, but in Gauteng province alone, South Africa's economic hub, more than 100 new schools have applied for registration in the past year.

    It is a response to a sense of failure in the state sector, argues Peter Bosman, the principal of Getahead High School, the low-cost private school which Simanye attends.

    "Parents want consistency and quality," he says - not with a sense of schadenfreude but resignation.

  • The irony is that significant numbers of parents who send their children to private schools are themselves teachers in the state sector.
  • "We used to have good results, but we are short of maths teachers, science teachers and when staff look at our facilities they decide not to come here," head teacher Khumzi Madikane laments.
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  • Education in the Eastern Cape is in crisis, and the central government has taken over the running of the department after allegations of corruption and mismanagement.
  • But the Eastern Cape is not alone. The growth of low-cost primary schools, in response to a lack of faith in the state sector, is a trend that is spreading across the country. The independent sector has grown by 75% in the past decade.

  • In a recent speech, Basic Education Minister Angie Motsheka revealed that 1,700 schools are still without a water supply and 15,000 schools are without libraries.
  • "We have research from various communities, and increasingly from government, saying that in many places, teachers are not in school on Mondays or Fridays, that many teachers have other jobs simultaneously and the actual amount of teaching going on in the classrooms is a fraction of what it should be," she says.
  • But more than 17 years after the end of white minority rule, observers argue that South Africa is struggling with more recent phenomena: Poor teacher training, corruption and maladministration, a highly unionised teaching profession and low morale.
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