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Jamie Camp

Goal setting: of distractions and staying yar | Not So Distant Future - 5 views

    Wow. How hard it is to keep all the balls in the air--and to decide which ones you should just let drop!
Leslie Holwerda

School Libraries are more kitchen than groceries…Valenza | the KSS Library - 0 views

    Valenza tells research the way we need to hear it.
Jamie Camp

What Do TLs Teach? - 2 views

    This is an EXCELLENT poster based on AASL's Info Power! Joyce Valenza ROCKS!
Donna Baumbach

slavvalenza - home - 15 views

    Make, Share, Do Smackdown wiki: The final session of the School Library Association of Victoria with Joyce Valenza
Donna Baumbach

Reading 2.0 by Dr Joyce Valenza | Bright ideas - 20 views

    The second of Dr Joyce Valenza's sessions at the School Library Association of Victoria Make, Share, Do conference held on Friday 30th July focused on the use of social media to promote reading. Includes slideshare
Jenny Odau

schoollibrarywebsites - home - 11 views

    examples of school library web sites and who they demonstrate effective practice in a school library program
    Great pathfinder pages.
beth gourley

Fair use and transformativeness: It may shake your world - NeverEndingSearch - Blog on ... - 0 views

  • copyright is designed not only to protect the rights of owners, but also to preserve the ability of users to promote creativity and innovation.
  • the critical test for fairness in terms of educational use of media is transformative use
  • adds value to, or repurposes materials for a use different from that for which it was originally intended, it will likely be considered transformative use; it will also likely be considered fair use
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • BGA filed suit against DK for copyright infringement.  The courts threw the case out, agreeing with DK's claim of fair use. The posters were originially created to promote concerts.  DK's new use of the art was designed to document events in historical and cultural context. The publisher added value in its use of the posters. And such use was transformative.
  • The fact that permission has been sought but not granted is irrelevant.  Permission is not necessary to satisfy fair use.
  • What is fair, because it is transformative, is fair regardless of place of use.
  • One use not likely to be fair, is the use of a music soundtrack merely as an aesthetic addition to a student video project.
  • adding value, engaging the music, reflecting, somehow commenting on.the music
  • photocopying a text book because it is not affordable is still not fair use
    a discussion to "develop a shared understanding of how copyright and fair use applies to the creative media work that our students create and our own use of copyrighted materials as educators, practitioners, advocates and curriculum developers."
    This seems like an obvious share. An important discussion because it also opens more collaboration with colleagues. I have found that some colleagues want to avoid the gatekeeper because of the conservative nature of understanding copyright and fair use. This has been even more difficult while being in an international school.
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