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Cathy Oxley

Fair Use Map - 51 views

    Educational Fair Use: A Flow Chart for Teachers
    Very useful! Thanks for posting and sharing!
Carla Shinn

How to Save the Humanities With Just a Few Clicks - 13 views

    Expanding Our Wikiverse Save the books. And the film reels. The photos, the manuscripts, the letters, the maps. These artifacts that fill our libraries threaten to sink into oblivion. But the good news? You can save them.

A Cool Flowchart to Teach Students How to Cite and Credit Images ~ Educational Technolo... - 77 views

    "Our job as teachers is to draw our students attention to the fact that copy-paste culture is destructive and that appropriate citations and crediting back the sources, if ever we are allowed to, are two important things we always need to invoke as we are dealing with both digital and non digital content.  I have an entire section in this blog packed full of resources, tools and tips on how to teach your students about copyright, check it out here to learn more. Today, I am sharing with you this wonderful flowchart I come across in digital inspiration. You can use it with you students to teach them about the kinds of images to cite and how to do so."

What will the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement mean for copyright? | Inside Story - 9 views

    "The positions of the Australian negotiators have been mixed. In relation to some provisions they are acting in accordance with domestic developments, including the recommendations of the IT pricing report on parallel importation and the abusive assertion of IP rights; on other issues, such as the extension of the term of copyright and the omission of "fair use," their position is not so strong. On these matters, and on the proposed cooperation between ISPs and copyright holders - which is controversial domestically and represents a significant change - the treaty terms ought to be open to public debate. *"
Anne Weaver

How to See If Your Photos Are Being Used On Another Site | Kevin & Amanda - 17 views

    Useful for the times that an image has been stored without the location. Helps to find the image source.
Fran Hughes

For Libraries and Publishers, an E-Book Tug of War - - 31 views

    "Publishers vs. Libraries: An E-Book Tug of War"
    Article describes how major publishing companies have placed a ban on selling their ebooks to libraries.
Dennis OConnor

How Georgia Tech Has Shown the Perils of SOPA - 4 views

  • This has been a tough week for open education, at least in higher education.  First came the news that Georgia Tech has taken down a 14-year-old student wiki site that allowed discussions and collaboration across courses and across semesters.  Next came the news of more details on proposed intellectual property laws in Congress, dubbed SOPA for Stop Online Piracy Act, that are being drafted in a draconian manner to protect content providers while taking away reasonable “safe harbor” protections for internet site operators.  Despite the nominal differences in these two pieces of legislation, I think that the Georgia Tech FERPA decision has shown just how dangerous SOPA could be to higher education.
  • Bryan Alexander recently summarized a Google+ hangout discussion on the topic of SOPA’s potential affect on higher education, and I think the group hit on some very important points. Under the bill’s terms aggrieved IP holders can cut financial support to such sites, or have them shut down, or have their Web locations blocked at the Domain Name Services (DNS) level.  The US attorney general can apparently create a blacklist of offending Web sites.  Internet service providers (ISPs) would no longer have “safe harbor” protection; instead, they would be liable for content whose publication and access they facilitated. [snip] Safe harbor - this may be the crux of the matter for schools.  If ISPs no longer have safe harbor protection, campuses acting as ISPs will have extra incentive to police existing content, and to enforce more scrutiny of new creations. IT departments will have more work, much as librarians.  Financially strapped institutions will have additional problems. [snip] Fair use - SOPA makes no provision for that 1976 doctrine.  Indeed, schools might find supporting fair use less appealing if infringement risks are more salient.    Risk aversion might lead to decreased fair use claims.
Dennis OConnor

Fair Use Teaching Tools | Center for Social Media - 0 views

  • The Center for Social Media has created a set of teaching tools for professors who are interested in teaching their students about fair use. The tools include powerpoints with lecture notes, guidelines for in-class discussions and exercises, assignments and grading rubrics. We hope you'll find them useful!
  • These powerpoints with lecture notes were designed to help professors teach students the basic information they need to understand how to use fair use when making documentary fllms and online videos
  • Fair Use Scenarios: (To be used with the Documentary Filmmakers' Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use) Here are 4 filmmaking scenarios where students are called upon to determine whether they have a fair use right to use certain copyrighted footage, and if there are limits to that right.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Here are two sets of fair use clips for professors to use for in-class discussio
  • Here are guidelines for a short video production assignment that requires students to incorporate copyrighted material into a video and defend the decisions they make using the Code of Best Practices in Online Video.
  • Additionally, here is an assignment, similar to the discussion prompts above, that requires students to articulate why a video clip is fair use.
  • Here is a collection of videos that do a good job of explaining the Codes of Best Practices and the idea of Fair Use:
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