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Anne Weaver

instaGrok | A new way to learn - 1 views

    provides ideas for search terms to use
    This site helps students come up with relevant search terms to use.
    Search engine just for use in education.
Anne Weaver

Soovle - Let the web help. - 50 views

shared by Anne Weaver on 09 Dec 11 - Cached
    Love this one, Anne!
Robin Cicchetti

Ten recent algorithm changes - Inside Search - 13 views

    Inside recent changes to the Google algorithm. This excellent post gives an overview of recent changes (500+) made over the past few weeks.
Lissa Davies

Quixey - The Search Engine for Apps - 25 views

    A handy site to search for apps for Chrome, mobile phones, iPads, and more. 
Anthony Beal

In Google We Trust: Users' Decisions on Rank, Position, and Relevance - 12 views

    "An eye tracking experiment revealed that college student users have substantial trust in Google's ability to rank results by their true relevance to the query. When the participants selected a link to follow from Google's result pages, their decisions were strongly biased towards links higher in position even if the abstracts themselves were less relevant. While the participants reacted to artificially reduced retrieval quality by greater scrutiny, they failed to achieve the same success rate. This demonstrated trust in Google has implications for the search engine's tremendous potential influence on culture, society, and user traffic on the Web."
Jessica Thomas

‪How Search Works‬‏ - YouTube - 0 views

    Clearly explains how the Google search engine works - why you get the results you do, and why something you've created might not come up when you search for it.
Jane Lofton

When Not To Google: Searches You're Better Off Making Elsewhere | Lifehacker Australia - 17 views

    Describes features of DuckDuckGo, Blekko, Wolfram Alpha, and Bing and quick ways to use them in different browsers.
Kathy Lawrence

Why We Desperately Need a New (and Better) Google - 13 views

    "The feature that I've found most useful is the ability to order search results. If you are doing searches by date, as my students were, Blekko allows you to add the slashtag "/date" to the end of your query and retrieve information in a chronological fashion. "
Cathy Oxley

Social Media Alerts - - 4 views

    "Receive free daily email alerts of your brand, company, CEO, marketing campaign, or on a developing news story, a competitor, or the latest on a celebrity"
Allison Burrell

Sweet Search - 1 views

  •  Visit our Web Links for teachers and students, organized by subject and academic level.
Donna Baumbach

I Like Sprixi - 0 views

    "search engine for images, mostly ones that have a Creative Commons license. It's design is very attractive and easy to use. The key reason I like it, though, is because when you want to use one of their photos, it automatically shows whatever permissions are required."
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