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Bonnie Zink

Decision Making: In making sense of complexity, have we become gutless? | Theknowledgec... - 0 views

  • Are we creating illusions for ourselves, creating hope that we are making sense of our complex world? 
  • we are creating illusions to reinforce our belief that we are controlling a complex and random world.
  • Dave Sowden’s Probe-Sense-Respond
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  • connectedness
  • distorts our decision-making process.
  • we have become more aware of the preconditions in our environment that contribute to states of punctuation, or jumps in history.
  • understanding the proximate causality of these jumps,
  • I argue that often we seek patterns where there are none and punctuated change comes from randomness – we cannot control it.
  • In this space, are we relying on our gut.
    A fantastic read to wake up your brain and help it see the trappings of false illusions and patterns around you. 
Niels Schuddeboom

YouTube - ‪Alain de Botton: Why Do We Have HR Departments?‬‏ - 0 views

    Another superb VIDEO from Alain de Botton: Why Do We Have HR Departments? - - #complexity #strategy - Dr John Ortner (storiedstrategy)
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