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Singularity Summit | Summit 2011 > A Sample of the Singularity Summit - 0 views

    Full Videos of the Singularity Summit 2010 Talks
Barry mahfood

SINGULARITY & THE PRICE OF RICE - Singularity in Bite-Sized Bits: Accelerated Evolution... - 0 views

    Researchers at Biodesign Institute have revved the engine of biological
    evolution to unheard of speed, creating completely new proteins in an
    infinitesimal fraction of the time it took nature to do the same thing.
Barry mahfood

Multiple Personalities: It's Not a Disorder Anymore - 0 views

    I hope you've had a chance to watch Ray Kurzweil's presentation
    on yesterday's post. My interest was piqued by several things he
    mentioned. (I wish I could think about them all at the same time, but
    possessing that kind of capability will have to wait for some heavy
    duty augmentation.) One thing in particular got a good grasp on my
    attention. Ray spent about 2 seconds on the idea that technological
    advances in virtual reality and artificial intelligence will allow me
    to create several virtual personalities to perform the routine
    transactions made necessary by modern life.
Barry mahfood

Ray Kurzweil Speaks! The Singularity Explained - 0 views

    I wish everyone would watch this presentation by Ray at the Killer App
    Expo in Fort Wayne, Indiana. There's a natural skepticism people feel
    when they first hear or read about the predictions made by Ray's Law of
    Accelerating Returns, but when you listen to him explain how it has
    worked and will work, you can't help but take him seriously.
Barry mahfood

Machine Consciousness: No Practical Value? - 0 views

    I read an interesting article this morning from the Burlington Free Press
    featuring the work of Josh Bongard, hired by the University of Vermont
    as an assistant professor of computer science. The article focused much
    of its attention on Bongard's self-aware robot, Black Starfish.
Barry mahfood

Strong AI: Safety and Ethical Considerations - 0 views

    I've been reading up on some of the considerations that must be part
    and parcel with the actual process of developing strong AI (defined as
    artificial intelligence that equals or exceeds human-level
    intelligence), and it seems clear that some pretty important questions
    must be asked and answered as part of the process.
Barry mahfood

Grassroots Nanotech: Controlled Self-Assembly - 0 views

    Throughout our history, mankind has created tools the same way,
    essentially using the top-down approach. Think about it. In the stone
    age, a sharp cutting tool was fashioned by using a larger stone to chip
    away pieces until the cutting stone was sharp enough. Today, a computer
    chip is made by a large laser that etches the circuits into a piece of
Barry mahfood

...You Might Be Wearing Nanotech - 0 views

    When it comes to nanotechnology, we've already pointed out that the
    public is blissfully unaware. I'm not sure why advertisers aren't
    making more of a fuss about it; perhaps they're wary of a negative
    reaction from consumers who may be a bit frightened by it. It's
    possible that people who would accept it, even welcome it, don't have
    as much money as the fraidy cats. But this is all speculation.
Barry mahfood

Boiling the Frog: Our Transition to Singularity - 0 views

    You've all heard the metaphor, right? Boiling a frog? Gradually
    increasing the temperature of the water so the frog gets used to it
    until it's hot enough to boil? Yes, that one. Apart from the sad
    conclusion of the analogy, the idea of gradual change not being very
    noticeable fits the way that accelerating technological change will be
    accepted by humans.
Barry mahfood

Skynet is Now Live - 0 views

    I almost said "alive," but we're not there yet. In an announcement that's eerily reminiscent of Terminator, reported Friday that the UK's latest military satellite, dubbed Skynet 5A, is now in service.
Barry mahfood

Opposition to Radical Life-Extension - 0 views

    Now, why would these theologians find fault with the idea of extending
    human life? The message we're used to hearing from them is that life is
    sacred. I guess it is sacred only so long as you don't have too much of
Barry mahfood

Going All-Virtual: The Desire to Leave Reality Behind - 0 views

    Considering the implications of the singularity is a fascinating
    exercise. We will be facing choices and available enhancements that
    require of us quite a bit of imagination if we are to even tentatively
    understand them. In this article I will raise an issue that I think
    will confront society at large and ourselves as individuals within the
    next few decades: Should I go virtual and leave reality behind?
Barry mahfood

What Do Nanomachines Look Like? - 0 views

    When you hear about nanotechnology (and you will hear
    about it more and more since it's moving into the mainstream of
    manufacturing), you might wonder what a nanomachine might look like.
    Since you can't see them with your unaided eye, you have to look at
    highly magnified images. But for the folks whose job it is to design
    the tiny parts for the nanomachines, some powerful design software
    comes into play.
Barry mahfood

Multiple Concurrent Streams of Consciousness - 0 views

    One of the most onerous limitations against which we are forced to
    labor as human beings is our handicapped stream of consciousness. We
    seem to be capable of only one each. Why is that? It has been
    postulated that humanity as a whole may possess its own consciousness,
    of which its individual components are unaware and to which we are
    denied access.
Barry mahfood

Uncovering the Memory Molecule - 0 views

    For many years researchers have been attempting to understand how human memory works. Precisely how
    it works. Down to the specific molecules in play. That's what I call
    attention to detail. The researchers involved in a recent study at
    Brandeis University have, for the first time, identified the specific
    molecule involved in memory storage in the brain.
Barry mahfood

Will Humans Become Attached to Robots? - 0 views


    Will Humans Become Attached to Robots?

    Many have speculated about how humanity will react to robots. There are
    researchers who are focused entirely on making robots look more like
    humans, adding facial expressiveness, gestures and head movements like
    nods and shakes, all designed to help us accept robots into our lives.
    But I don't think that's going to be a problem.

Barry mahfood

Understanding the Technological Singularity: Vernor Vinge Interview - 0 views

    For those of you who are new to the concept of the coming technological
    singularity, this NPR podcast, featuring Vernor Vinge (pronounced
    vin-gee), a retired San Diego State University Professor of
    Mathematics, computer scientist, and science fiction author, will be
    well worth your time. In it, he talks about AI as refering to
    "amplified intelligence" rather than artificial intelligence, among
    other highly visionary predictions.
Barry mahfood

THE PRICE OF RICE - Singularity in Bite-Sized Bits: The Transformative Power of Self-Re... - 0 views

    Consider the power of self-replication. Biological systems are all
    products of self-replication, from the very first bit of
    self-replicating DNA, down through billions of years, entwined in every
    branch of the tree of life and our own DNA.
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