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Walid Damouny

Pinpoint Precision: Nanowires Deliver Biochemical Payloads to One Cell Among Many - 0 views

    "( -- Imagine being able to drop a toothpick on the head of one particular person standing among 100,000 people in a stadium. It sounds impossible, yet this degree of precision at the cellular level has been demonstrated by researchers affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University Institute for NanoBioTechnology. Their study was published online in June in Nature Nanotechnology."
Walid Damouny

Carbon nanotubes show the ability to amplify light, could lead to new photonic applicat... - 0 views

    "( -- "Carbon nanotubes have a lot of really nice properties that make them good for photonics," Laurent Vivien tells Ever since the discovery that carbon nanotubes have photoluminescence when encapsulated in micelle surfactant, Vivien points out, there has been interest in pursuing them for use in nanophotonics, and in microelectronics. "
Walid Damouny

New coating helps wipe grease off with water - Innovation- - 0 views

    A new eco-friendly coating is made by binding a water-loving molecule to a Teflon-like molecule that repels oil. This pairing makes for a surface that prevents oil from sticking to it, while also allowing it to be wet by water.
evo ata

Future Human Evolution - 0 views

    Scientific and speculative articles about the future of human evolution regarding to artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, transhumanism, nanotechnology, space colonization, time travel, life extension and human enhancement
Barry mahfood

Grassroots Nanotech: Controlled Self-Assembly - 0 views

    Throughout our history, mankind has created tools the same way,
    essentially using the top-down approach. Think about it. In the stone
    age, a sharp cutting tool was fashioned by using a larger stone to chip
    away pieces until the cutting stone was sharp enough. Today, a computer
    chip is made by a large laser that etches the circuits into a piece of
Barry mahfood

...You Might Be Wearing Nanotech - 0 views

    When it comes to nanotechnology, we've already pointed out that the
    public is blissfully unaware. I'm not sure why advertisers aren't
    making more of a fuss about it; perhaps they're wary of a negative
    reaction from consumers who may be a bit frightened by it. It's
    possible that people who would accept it, even welcome it, don't have
    as much money as the fraidy cats. But this is all speculation.
Barry mahfood

Boiling the Frog: Our Transition to Singularity - 0 views

    You've all heard the metaphor, right? Boiling a frog? Gradually
    increasing the temperature of the water so the frog gets used to it
    until it's hot enough to boil? Yes, that one. Apart from the sad
    conclusion of the analogy, the idea of gradual change not being very
    noticeable fits the way that accelerating technological change will be
    accepted by humans.
Barry mahfood

Going All-Virtual: The Desire to Leave Reality Behind - 0 views

    Considering the implications of the singularity is a fascinating
    exercise. We will be facing choices and available enhancements that
    require of us quite a bit of imagination if we are to even tentatively
    understand them. In this article I will raise an issue that I think
    will confront society at large and ourselves as individuals within the
    next few decades: Should I go virtual and leave reality behind?
Barry mahfood

Nanomedicine: Drug Delivery & Diagnostics Get a Boost - 0 views

    Nanotech is the key to some new methods of precision drug-delivery and
    diagnostics. Two spinoff companies in Austalia have announced some new
    products under development promise "to provide better health outcomes
    with reduced costs to the community." The specific projects currently
    in the pipeline at Interstitial NS are nanostructured medicines for
    diabetes and asthma whose nanoscale manufacture makes possible
    otherwise impractical delivery methods.
Barry mahfood

THE PRICE OF RICE - Singularity in Bite-Sized Bits: The Transformative Power of Self-Re... - 0 views

    Consider the power of self-replication. Biological systems are all
    products of self-replication, from the very first bit of
    self-replicating DNA, down through billions of years, entwined in every
    branch of the tree of life and our own DNA.
Barry mahfood

Nanofrontiers: A Vision of the Future - 0 views

    The Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies is reporting on a recent NanoFrontiers Workshop, where Nanofrontiers: Visions for the Future of Nanotechnology made its debut.
Barry mahfood

THE PRICE OF RICE! - Transcendence in Bite-Sized Bits: Graphene - Thin is In - 0 views

    Billed as "the thinnest of all possible materials in the universe,"
    graphene is a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon that looks like "molecular
    chicken wire."
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