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dean groom

Digital: A Love Story - 17 views

    Described by Christine Love as "a spiritual sequel of sorts to Digital: A Love Story", Don't Take It Personally, Babe, It Just Ain't Your Story is a visual novel that puts a huge emphasis on the way technology has led us to talk to one another differently, while also tackling the usual issues that visual novels styled in this way delve into. You are a new literacy teacher at a high school who is plunged into the lives of your pupils - wherever you like it or not. The school sneakily keeps tabs on pupils by allowing teachers to see all the private messages sent via the local Facebook-style service. Hence, while the main story is playing out, messages will constantly ping in the corner of the screen, and you can keep track of everything going on between your students.
David Wetzel

Stimulating Critical Thinking through a Technological Lens - 19 views

    Stimulating critical thinking using technology has the potential to create more in depth understanding of science and math content by students when engaged in learning activities which integrate in-class and on-line technology resources. Technology tools support stimulation of both inquiry-based and critical thinking skills by engaging students in exploring, thinking, reading, writing, researching, inventing, problem-solving, and experiencing the world outside their classroom. This is accomplished through learning content through the lens of video to multimedia to the internet (Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement, NCREL, 2005).
David Wetzel

5 Creative Ways to Use Flip Cameras in Science and Math - 27 views

    The Flip camera is great for all types of projects in science and math - at any grade level. Flip cameras are small handheld video cameras that can record 30 or 60 minutes worth of video. They connect to a computer with a USB plug that "flips" out from the side of the camera. The benefits of these cameras include another means for assessing students understanding of concepts beyond worksheets and tests. Besides a teacher's record, the videos provide a digital record for parents and administrators to show a student's successes or areas which need improvement.
Julie Altmark

DigiTales - The Art of Telling Digital Stories - 17 views

    good ideas for evaluation/assessment use for ALEX LP's  good teacher reference site
Heather Hurley

Kitzu - Find, Learn, Create - 0 views

    Digital Kits for Education from the Orange County Department of Education.
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