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Roger Morris

Successfully Launched My writer Career… Thanks John - 1 views

I want to express my gratitude to John who helped me become the writer I want to be. Before meeting him, I thought that I was born to be a novel writer and I almost believed it after receiving 400 ...

started by Roger Morris on 10 Oct 12 no follow-up yet
Debbie Nichols

The Newbie Guide to Google Search | Educational Technology Tips - 0 views

    I was surprised. I learned things from this article. It can be projected in class to teach students also.
Samantha Coleman

Apply Teaching Jobs Abroad Online - 0 views

Thanks to Schools And Teachers, I was able to find a suitable teaching job abroad. The online job board offered me the opportunity to access various international teaching jobs and careers that are...

started by Samantha Coleman on 24 Sep 12 no follow-up yet

Guest Lesson | For Authentic Learning, Start With Real Problems - - 0 views

    "For Authentic Learning, Start With Real Problems" - Suzie Boss 
Emenac Incorporated

Why Have a Virtual Receptionist? - 0 views

    Business owners take all possible steps to ensure customer satisfaction. One of the most successful and recommended strategies in this regard is to begin with a virtual receptionist service. This service brings in extra representatives for a business and eases the lives of the customers. When the customers have questions or queries to be answered or any problems to be solved, they try to reach the authoritative body telephonically and it is not uncommon for them for not having to been able to do so. This is where the need for virtual receptionists comes in. Virtual receptionists are basically persons who work for the customer support but do not work from the office or any specified location.
shukra raman

Earn Money Online | Easyway To Earn money - 0 views

earn money online

started by shukra raman on 19 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Robinson Kipling

Best Website Hosting Sites - 1 views

technology web2.0 education learning project

started by Robinson Kipling on 24 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Maryann Angeroth

The Challenge of Assessing Project-Based Learning | District Administration Magazine - 0 views

    On the heels of Common Core State Standards, administrators begin assessing critical thinking and content mastery.
Samantha Coleman

The Most Conducive Place To Find Great Teaching Jobs - 1 views

I used to be a teacher in one of the big schools in the country and I would say that I have enjoyed my job. But I would also like to try my expertise in other countries, so I went online hoping tha...

started by Samantha Coleman on 27 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Robinson Kipling

Web Designing Company - 1 views

Web Design Company is a well certified website design company doing extensive work in the field of Website Designing, Website Development and Mobile Application Development. From its humble beginni...

web2.0 learning technology education

started by Robinson Kipling on 27 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Child Therapy

Developing Self Confidence In Children - 1 views

My husband and I were really worried with the indifference that our second child has been showing. We noticed that she did not like to mingle with other kids in the class. Her teacher even told us ...

started by Child Therapy on 29 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
tutorialz 360

Respiration In Hydra - 0 views

education learning

started by tutorialz 360 on 05 Dec 12 no follow-up yet
creative outdoors

Our favourite Outdoor Area - 1 views

started by creative outdoors on 06 Dec 12 no follow-up yet
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