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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Roland Gesthuizen

Roland Gesthuizen

Teachers adrift in failed system - 2 views

  • The challenge lies not in attracting smart, personable people to teaching, but in retaining them
  • Continuity and consistency are as vital for students as for teachers trying to establish relationships with their charges and develop teaching and learning strategies.
    "PRIME Minister Julia Gillard says she wants to eradicate the riff-raff from the teaching profession and entice the best and brightest to join. The challenge lies not in attracting smart, personable people to teaching, but in retaining them."
    Good article that reflects on the conditions faced by many short-term contract teachers that we have in Victoria.
    Reflections by a teacher caught in the sandpit of contract teaching in Victoria.
Roland Gesthuizen

Putting heads together - 1 views

  • Groups whose members had higher levels of “social sensitivity” — the willingness of the group to let all its members take turns and apply their skills to a given challenge — were more collectively intelligent. “Social sensitivity has to do with how well group members perceive each other’s emotions,”
  • What our results indicate is that people with social skills are good for a group — whether they are male or female.
  • We also think it’s possible to improve the intelligence of a group, by either changing the members of a group, or teaching them better ways of interacting
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  • the key point is great, that features of the group can be more important than features of the individuals that make up the group, for determining outcomes
  • clarifying the conditions under which the proportion of women makes a difference would be interesting
    "A new study co-authored by MIT researchers documents the existence of collective intelligence among groups of people who cooperate well, showing that such intelligence extends beyond the cognitive abilities of the groups' individual members, and that the tendency to cooperate effectively is linked to the number of women in a group."
    Some interesting implications here for teams at schools including their composition and providing training to develop social skills.
Roland Gesthuizen

Cheating in Computer Science - 3 views

  • we have gotten the cart before the horse. We are less concerned with whether students learn the right thing than whether they learn in the way that we rely upon to measure how well they learn when compared to their peers. We do this without even having considered whether the measurement is even useful, much less necessary or even counter-productive.
  • We do it for no better reason than tradition, habit, and inertia.
  • I no longer teach programming by teaching the features of the language and asking the students for original compositions in the language. Instead I give them programs that work and ask them to change their behavior. I give them programs that do not work and ask them to repair them. I give them programs and ask them to decompose them. I give them executables and ask them for source, un-commented source and ask for the comments, description, or specification.
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  • As a teacher, my job is to help students learn, not create artificial barriers to learning in the name of equitable grading. Nice people do not put others in difficult ethical dilemmas. Grading should be a strategy for making learning more satisfying by demonstrating accomplishment.
    "Bill Murray approaches the teaching-learning system as a game in which students, teachers, and others play various roles. He wonders whether the game itself encourages cheating, and suggests that teachers could restructure the game so that cheating is less rewarding and less likely."
    Fascinating essay about assessment and cheating, and how teachers have created this situation.
Roland Gesthuizen

Wi-Fi Overload at High-Tech Meetings - - 1 views

    "Internet entrepreneurs climb on stage at technology conferences and praise a world in which everyone is perpetually connected to the Web. But down in the audience, where people are busy typing and transmitting this wisdom, getting a Wi-Fi connection is often downright impossible. "
    Interesting to read about this Wi-Fi overload. This is something that didn't happen at the ACEC2010 conference, even though the delegates clobbered the venue network with their hundreds of devices.
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