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Gerald Carey

What is Consciousness? - 1 views

    Terrific infographic on this question.
Russell Ogden

VCE Psych Exchange - 7 views

    Teachers taking the Victorian Certificate of Education Psychology units can share resources via this Diigo group
Roland Gesthuizen

Putting heads together - 1 views

  • Groups whose members had higher levels of “social sensitivity” — the willingness of the group to let all its members take turns and apply their skills to a given challenge — were more collectively intelligent. “Social sensitivity has to do with how well group members perceive each other’s emotions,”
  • What our results indicate is that people with social skills are good for a group — whether they are male or female.
  • We also think it’s possible to improve the intelligence of a group, by either changing the members of a group, or teaching them better ways of interacting
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  • the key point is great, that features of the group can be more important than features of the individuals that make up the group, for determining outcomes
  • clarifying the conditions under which the proportion of women makes a difference would be interesting
    "A new study co-authored by MIT researchers documents the existence of collective intelligence among groups of people who cooperate well, showing that such intelligence extends beyond the cognitive abilities of the groups' individual members, and that the tendency to cooperate effectively is linked to the number of women in a group."
    Some interesting implications here for teams at schools including their composition and providing training to develop social skills.

Learning Styles - including a free inventory - 0 views

    Learning styles are a way to help improve your quality of learning. By understanding your own personal styles, you can adapt the learning process and techniques you use. This site is dedicated to helping you better understand learning styles, as well as providing an easy way to discover your own styles.
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