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Pris Laurente

Growing the curriculum: Open education resources in US higher education - 1 views

    Open educational resources (OER) have been defined by the Hewlett Foundation as teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others.
Fernando Carraro

Proyecto co-KREA - 2 views

    "Es una experiencia de co-creación colaborativa de Recursos Educativos Abiertos (REA) entre docentes del suroccidente colombiano. Pretende que desde la vivencia propia y la reflexión colectiva, se identifiquen y valoren las posibilidades de este tipo de recursos para contextos escolares diversos, en el marco de los desafíos y retos de la educación en el siglo XXI."
    muy interesante
Julia Echeverría

eLearning Archives - Page 2 of 61 - eLearning Brothers - 5 views

    Talking about some fantastic resources. by Brother Justin | Oct 2, 2014 | Captivate Templates, Course Starters, eLearning, eLearning Template Library, Interactions, iSpring, Lectora Interactions, Medical Stock Images, Medical Templates, Our Favorites, People Pictures, PowerPoint, Products/Reviews, Quizzes, Skins, Stock Images, Storyline Templates, Templates In the month of September, we stuffed the eLearning Library with tons of new templates.
    Thanks for sharing this good quality material.

"Why Open Education Matters?" Video Competition - 3 views

    These are some cool 'motivational' videos about open education - certainly a valuable resource when talking about the subject. The attached link has the three best ones (I have looked ahead & the third place winner is actually included in module 7), but this playlist (sorry, could not find one in English, but the videos are in English anyway) has a few more: (playlist from Virtual educational library from Lithuania).

Conectivismo y educación, por George Siemens - 1 views

    George Siemens y su reflexión acerca de la importancia del uso de las Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación en el mundo educativo, así como su explicación acerca de un término acuñado por él: conectivismo. El vídeo es muy claro y útil
Sophie Lafayette

Giving Knowledge for Free: The Emergence of Open Educational Resources - 5 views

    This report addresses four main questions: * How can sustainable cost/benefit models for OER initiatives be developed? * What are the intellectual property rights issues linked to OER initiatives? * What are the incentives and barriers for universities and faculty staff to deliver their materials to OER initiatives? * How can access and usefulness for the users of OER initiatives be improved? This is part of an OECD series of reports looking at the impact of Open Knowledge on education systems and learning
    Hi Matt, Thanks for sharing this OECD report from the year 2007. The OECD is really forward looking. One sentence strikes me: "Wikipedia has two employees and well over a million articles in multiple languages." Yes, that was true, back in the year 2007.
    A very interesting paper that discusses issues around OER, as well as some topics already covered in the course is, "Giving Knowledge for Free: The Emergence of Open Educational Resources" (Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). The paper highlights some of the barriers, sustainability issues, and how to improve access and usefulness of open educational resources. I found the paper very comprehensive, with many additional resources. While published in 2007, when conversations around OER were fairly new, many of the points they raise are still in discussion and relevant.

OERCOMMONS - 1 views

shared by tazzain on 20 Sep 14 - No Cached
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    Worldwide learning network of shared teaching and learning materials made freely available online. Grouped by subject area and grade level
    OER Commons is a dynamic digital content hub, offering a suite of OER implementation supports.
    A well developed website for Open educational resources
Kevin Stranack

Developing world MOOCs: A curriculum view of the MOOC landscape - 21 views

    "MOOCs offer opportunities but are also pose the danger of further exacerbating existing educational divisions and deepening the homogeneity of global knowledge systems."
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    in this article MOOC are considered as alternative for education in network society..I like the fact that MOOC's are coming to discussion edge
    Very interesting! Thanks. "MOOCs and MOOC-type courses have added a new dimension to the educational landscape by strengthening the non-formal educational space and providing opportunities to experiment with the disaggregated components of the educational experience"
    After watching the Willinsky video, this hit home even more. I think the value of quality education is extremely important, and creating a "global village" of learning is still in its growing pains. Having a face-to-face instructor/professor/facilitator lets you ask the questions that pop to mind and being in a classroom setting allows an idea to flow and develop into other ideas. There are a lot of social media tools that are familiar to a lot of students living in a Western culture, but those social tools are not always available to developing countries; many do not have access to schools or even have a computer - as this article indicates, MOOCs are certainly a venue that opens learning opportunities for those who do not have access to learning in a formal environment, but may have access to the internet. What I particularly found interesting were the various MOOC categories - Gateway: MOOCs for prepping to get into higher learning; Research showcase: promote an institute's research areas; Professional skills: MOOCs for those who need to "upskill" or specialize…and there are others. The main reason for taking this course was to improve my knowledge of what social media is out there (MOOCs are part of it), how it is being used, and how useful is this "new" media is within the publishing realm. It is a challenge.

Open Knowledge Festival 2014 | The Open Knowledge & Data Event of the Year - 3 views

    Who has heard of this festival about Open Knowledge? Who has been there?
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