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J.Randolph Radney

Teaching with Google Wave - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 1 views

  • Wave is extremely powerful groupware, designed to facilitate the interactions of groups working together on projects—which turns out to be a pretty good description of many college classes.
  • Class notes project (10%): Over the course of the semester, you will compile a set of collaborative notes for the class, detailing the important issues from our readings, the main threads of our discussions, any questions that we raise that remain open, and so forth. You’ll use a combination of Google Wave and Google Docs for these notes, Wave for the initial notetaking and discussion and Docs for the final product. Each of you will serve as lead notetaker during at least one class session, though you’ll be expected to contribute to the collaborative notes for every class period.
  • A networked teaching lab: I teach most of my classes in a laptop-based lab, one that allows me to pull the computers out whenever I want to use them and tuck them safely away when I don't. This semester, I decided to use them every day, and invited any of my students who had their own laptops to bring them to class if they preferred working on them.
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  • At the end of the semester, in conjunction with my course evaluations, I asked my students to assess their experiences with Wave—and to a person, they liked it. Several said that they appreciated the ways that seeing their classmates' notes as class discussion was happening clarified the discussion in process; a few noted that they liked being able to follow the wave from their dorm rooms if they were out sick; many said that they were grateful to be able to return to the notes in the days and weeks after that class session had ended.
  • What didn't work? I'd had the idea before the semester started that my students would "finalize" their notes in Google Docs and keep them stored for future use in our Google Group space. As yet, however, waves aren't easily exportable, even to other Google platforms; our class notes remain solely accessible in Wave. That said, all of the members of the class will have access to those waves as long as they keep their accounts, and the waves could continue to develop, should their authors be so inspired.
J.Randolph Radney

News @ Illinois Springfield: UIS utilizes Google Wave for online learning and teaching - 1 views

    Another review of Google Wave in teaching.
J.Randolph Radney

Wired Campus - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 1 views

    Some of you may be interested in Google Wave, even though it is only in preview version.
J.Randolph Radney

How to Manage a Group Project in Google Wave - Google Wave - Lifehacker - 4 views

  • Here's how to manage a group project in Wave.
  • To keep all the project-specific waves into a single bucket, the first thing all the members of your group should do is agree on a project-specific tag.
    There has been some interest in using Wave in collaboration.
J.Randolph Radney

googlewaveeducators - home - 9 views

    This appears to be a site offering emails of educators who have invitations to Google Wave.
    Yes, here is another one:

    The second round of Google Wave Invitations has been sent. Please check your email account that you used for that section of the form. We will be doing another round of invitations in a few weeks and we will be asking for a feedback then also. In the mean time be sure to join the Google Wave Group to connect with other users.



    However, I have a few of my own invitations so please send me your email if you'd like me to invite you.
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