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John Evans

Math TV Problem Solving Videos - 1 views

    Website has 3 sections: Math Playground - an action-packed site for elementary and middle school students. Practice your math skills, play a logic game and have some fun! Math TV Problem Solving Videos - Each math problems comes with step by step video solution, follow up problems, an online calculator, and sketch pad. Thinking Blocks - interactive math tool developed by classroom teachers to help students learn how to solve multistep word problems.
Paul Beaufait

T is for Technology « An A-Z of ELT - 16 views

  • Technosceptics, like me, happily embrace technology in our daily lives, but are nevertheless a little suspicious of the claims made, by some enthusiasts, for its educational applications
  • until the following four problems have been satisfactorily addressed, an ounce or two of scepticism regarding ‘ed tech’ seems well advised.
  • The delivery model problem:
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • The theory vacuum problem
  • The attention deficit problem:
  • The added value problem:
    Thornbury defines "technosceptics" and outlines educational problems underpinning decisions whether to adopt and apply technology for language teaching purposes.

Love problem solution by astrology science - 0 views

    love problem solution by astrology science is give you the various & amazing ways to deal with the love problem & pull yourself out from the terrific situations
Maryanne Burgos

Introduction to Creative Thinking - 0 views

    • Maryanne Burgos
      This is the viewpoint of the authors of Disrupting Class who believe that "innovation does not take root through a direct attach on the existing system.  Instead it must go around and underneath the system.  This is how disruption drives affordability, accessibility, capability and responsiveness." (p. 225)
  • Reapplication.
  • general purpose spray cleaners can be used to kill ants.
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  • Changing Direction
  • the goal is to solve the problem, not to implement a particular solution.
  • Motivation--a willingness to expend the effort--is more important than laboratory apparatus. And remember that you can always do something. Even if you cannot totally eradicate the problem from the face of the earth, you can always do something to make the situation better.
  • Mistakes aren't fun, but they sure are educational.
  • Positive Attitudes for Creativity
  • Curiosity. Creative people want to know things--all kinds of things-- just to know them. Knowledge does not require a reason. The question, "Why do you want to know that?" seems strange to the creative person, who is likely to respond, "Because I don't know the answer." Knowledge is enjoyable and often useful in strange and unexpected ways
  • halleng
  • Challenge. Curious people like to identify and challenge the assumptions behind ideas, proposals, problems, beliefs, and statements. Many assumptions, of course, turn out to be quite necessary and solid, but many others have been assumed unnecessarily, and in breaking out of those assumptions often comes a new idea, a new path, a new solution.
  • Constructive discontent. This is not a whining, griping kind of discontent, but the ability to see a need for improvement and to propose a method of making that improvement. Constructive discontent is a positive, enthusiastic discontent, reflecting the thought, "Hey, I know a way to make that better."
  • 4. A belief that most problems can be solved.
  • 5. The ability to suspend judgment and criticism.
  • Remember then that (1) an idea may begin to look good only after it becomes a bit more familiar or is seen in a slightly different context or clothing or circumstance
  • 6. Seeing the good in the bad. Creative thinkers, when faced with poor solutions, don't cast them away. Instead, they ask, "What's good about it?" because there may be something useful even in the worst ideas. And however little that good may be, it might be turned to good effect or made greater.
  • 7. Problems lead to improvements.
  • 8. A problem can also be a solution
  • 9. Problems are interesting and emotionally acceptable.
  • Miscellaneous Good Attitudes
  • 1. Perseverance.
  • 2. A flexible imagination
  • 3. A belief that mistakes are welcome. Modern society has for some reason conceived the idea that the only unforgivable thing is to fail or make a mistake. Actually failure is an opportunity; mistakes show that something is being done. So creative people have come to realize and accept emotionally that making mistakes is no negative biggie. One chief executive of a big American corporation warns all his newly hired managers, "Make sure you make a reasonable number of mistakes." Mistakes are educational and can lead to success--because they mean you are doing something.
  • Robert Harris Version Date: July 1, 1998
    • Maryanne Burgos
      Biographical info on Robert A. Harris
samantha armstrong

FixComputerpProblemsSite Surely Knows How to Fix Computer Problems! - 1 views

I was having problems with my laptop before. Good thing FixComputerpProblemsSite helped me fix it. And they are really the experts when it comes to solving any computer related issues. They can eas...

fix computer problems

started by samantha armstrong on 03 Jun 11 no follow-up yet

Buy Facebook Accounts - 100% Verified BM Accounts - 0 views

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Zaid Mark

Problems with an App in Windows 8 - What to Do? - 0 views

    Microsoft has done its best to make Windows 8 better than previous versions. However, problems arise in the apps on Windows 8. You might find yourself in a situation where you have no idea what to do in case an app creates problems. A number of ways can be helpful.
Zaid Mark

How to Solve the Problem - Skype Crashes in Windows 8 - 0 views

    We often use different applications to flourish our experience while using Windows. Skype is one of the most admired applications, which is known for its best services in chat, audio and video call. However, it is observed in certain operating systems that it crashes when a call is made. Furthermore, one should not get depressed with this problem. I have mentioned some tips to fix this problem.
cecilia marie

My Computer Problem Was Solved in a Few Minutes - 1 views

I had a good internet connection for the past few weeks. Then I began to observe that it was not working the way it should be compared to the past few weeks. I tried to troubleshoot it myself but, ...

computer problem

started by cecilia marie on 08 Nov 11 no follow-up yet

@1800 790 9186 installing canon printer in window 7|how to install canon printer driver... - 0 views

    canon printer toll free number @ 1800 790 9186 Canon printer support number we provide full support for canon printer.if any problem with your canon printer like paper jam,driver installation,not connecting,canon printer troubleshooting or wireless connection problem dont worry just call us on our canon printer helpline number 1800.790.9186 and we will help you instantly.our canon printer support number is avaiable for 24*7 you can call any time for resolve your canon printer problems.
Kris Abel

Collar-bomb hoaxer Paul Douglas Peters a complex problem, psychiatrist says | The Austr... - 0 views

    "THE man who fixed a fake collar-bomb to the neck of a Sydney teenager in an apparent extortion attempt "presents a problem as complex as any I have had to tackle," a psychiatrist who interviewed him has told a Sydney court."
Paul Johnston

Follow Steps If you are Having Trouble in Printing PDF File From Adobe Acrobat - 0 views

    It can be difficult to trace the source of a printing problem. If you are having trouble in printing PDF files from Adobe Acrobat, then follow the useful steps to troubleshoot your printing problems and get the best solution through this guide.
Zaid Mark

Reasons Why Your System Runs Slow - Get It Fixed Now - 0 views

    A computer machine is specially designed to help you in different tasks. However, working on a slow computer is frustrating. Your programs take long time to launch and operate. In addition, system freezes and crashes several times. Finally, you decide to throw it from your room or sale it at low price. This is not the solution, because after a good time your new system may also offer such problems. Therefore, you need to find, configure, and fix the issues behind this problem.
Zaid Mark

How to Fix Slow Folders in Windows Explorer - 0 views

    You click a folder to open and it takes long time. I know it is irritating when you are in hurry. However, have you ever thought why it is so slow? You know that when you click any folder, its information, and content is displayed within no time. Therefore, there must be few reasons for this problem. There may be the problem in your system's hardware like hard drive bad sectors, errors. In addition, software conflicts also cause above error.
Zaid Mark

What Are the Different Causes of PC Crashes? - 0 views

    A computer machine is composed of different components: like interconnected hardware, software programs and installed operating system. If any of the components fails to operate, it can cause several problems in the system. In result, you may find computer crashes and freezes that are the known problems found in the system. Moreover, frequent freezing and crashing are annoying at times. To fix the issues and understand the types of crashing, I have mentioned below the brief introduction about them.
Paul Johnston

Top Tips on Installing Compatible Ink Cartridges in your Printer - 0 views

    If you have problem with installing non-original ink cartridges for your printers then follow the steps outlined in the article, find some really good tricks and suggestions to troubleshoot the problem.
Isabella Noah

Remove PC Enemy (VIrus) With The Help Of Mcafee Tsch Support - 0 views

    Facing Antivirus Related Issues and also want to renew your antivirus? If so, then Mcafee Tech Support is available with toll-free Mcafee contact number which is 1-877-609-3714 to solve all the PC or laptop connected problems in minutes. The expert technicians are always available with this service number for fixing your problems within minutes of calling.

Tips and Tricks for Solving Maths Problems-Class X Students | eZee Test - 0 views

    Simple tips and tricks help you to solve the complex maths problems easily. Certain tips have been highlighted for class X students here

SOUNDZY - hp printer support 24*7 instant support - 0 views

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