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Mine Önal - 2 views

    A figure on design thinking

The Recycling Wheel - 2 views

    The real world problem: Burning of waste tyres pollutes the environment Solution: Encouraging people to recyle tyres tu use them for production of furniture. It is a real example of project based on design thinking for change that children drive in their communities.
    It is very meaningful to see how children engage in problems and be creative to solve them. Educators should not limit students' minds into some patterns. They can create their own learning environments if they are encouraged and guided.
    Thank you for sharing an application of design thinking with us Elanur Hoca.
Murat Kol

The Power of Positivity | Brain Games - YouTube - 0 views

    What happens when somebody is encouraged by positive reinforcement and discouraged by negative one?
    So behaviorism theory still works?
E.Yasin Çiftçi

Dr. Derek Cabrera - How Thinking Works - 1 views

    As the literature on expertise underscores, "thinking" or "metacognition" is a key factor in expertise. Dr. Cabrera, in this talk, discusses the weakness of 'encyclopedic' knowledge possessed by Ivy League students and harshly criticize them for they struggle to transfer those memorized knowledge. It could be said he addresses "a mile wide and an inch deep" approach taken by curriculum designers nowadays, which prevents deep understanding of issues that an expert is expected to have. According to him, "system is broken." As a result, he offers his own DSRP (Distinctions, Systems, Relationships, Perspectives) theory, which, in my opinion, summarizes what a "genuine expert" possesses in terms of knowledge transfer. Enjoy it!
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