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All Learning Is Emotional - 2 views

    "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." ― Benjamin Franklin In the area of adult learning, Ben Franklin turns out to be quite prescient.
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    I also believe that the power of emotions in the learning. I think that if we can situmulate the emotions in lesson, we can make lessons more intesting, enjoable and the knowledge gathered through this lesson will be long lasting. Threfore, as it is stated in the article, teachers should create situations that situmalte students' emotions.
    That's true. Education is a social-emotional act. As I said in my personal learning theory, teaching humans is not like inserting lines of codes to series of robots to make them behave in a specific way. We all have emotions and our emotions to a specific event may not be same all the time as our point of views to an event are affected by our personal experiences, culture, philosophy, etc. In that sense, for a teacher, it is important to monitor students' feelings to a specific topic and to arrange learning environments in which students have positive feelings about a topic.
    "Introduce failure into your learning design." something we appreciate less in our educational system.
Burcu Korkusuz

Contemporary Learning Theories - 3 views

    Contemporary Theories of Learning - Learning Their Own Words - Knud Illeris >>>
    Thank you for the source, I found it last week too and I believe it is a very comprehensive source that can guide us in this course.
    Thanks for sharing the link. I found it in the METU library too. I can bring it to our class on Thursday. We can benefit from it for the discussion sessions or refer to it in our personal learning theories.
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