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Mike Wesch

Annotated Culture of Celebrity - 0 views

  • The real contribution of Baker's book, however, is that he sees in Willis's career a host of important issues that drive to the heart of antebellum celebrity culture: the commercialization of intimacy, the marketability of exposure, the public's desire for scandal, gossip, and confession.  Other commentators have described this version of celebrity as a twentieth-century phenomenon.  Baker corrects the record, demonstrating that by 1840, celebrity culture was thriving in the trans-Atlantic world.  -- DHB
  • "The Glorified Self: The Aggrandizement and the Constriction of Self."
  • these players developed a "reflected self" based on their perception of how others saw them
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  • and also a "media self," a public image created by the media which eventually permeates the athletes’ public and private lives
  • they underwent a "self-aggrandizement," an inflation of their own sense of self-importance.
  • detrimental to other aspects of the self, even to the point of detachment from personal identity outside athletics
Katie Hines

Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter - 0 views

    The back of one of the postcards from Easter Sunday 2009. The conversation below has some *great* insight on the "hero" subject of our discussion.
Mike Wesch

List of Internet phenomena - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

  • Anonymous - (used as a mass noun) is a label and Internet meme adopted within Internet culture to represent the actions of many online community users acting anonymously usually toward a loosely agreed-upon goal. It is generally considered as a blanket term – not tied to any monolithic group – for the vox populi or members of the Internet culture
    • Mike Wesch
      We may want a comparison ethnography of 2channel if anybody is up for it.
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