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Chinese companies using GPS tracking device smartwatches to monitor, alert street clean... - 0 views

    "Following backlash, the company said it removed the alarm function from the smartwatch, but reports maintain the employees are still being required to wear the device so their location can be tracked."
dr tech

Your baby monitor is an Internet-connected spycam vulnerable to voyeurs and crooks - Bo... - 0 views

    "Many of these cameras have no easy, networked means of getting a firmware update, either, making their zeroday bugs into foreverday bugs. Some of these bugs were simple programmer error, but Philips, ah, Philips: they shipped an Internet-connected home spycam whose default root login was admin and /ADMIN/. Security. "

Data trackers monitor your life so they can nudge you - tech - 07 November 2013 - New S... - 0 views

  • Once you know everything about a person, you can influence their behaviour.
  • The phones are tracking everywhere the students go, who they meet and when, and every text they send
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