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Lucy Gray

Using Technology to Reach Unreachable Students | Edutopia - 5 views

    "Harrold, R. (2012). Measuring the Effect of iPads in the Classroom. International Educator, 26(4)."
John Evans

K-5 iPad Apps for Applying: Part Three of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy | Edutopia - 17 views

    "Bloom's Revised Taxonomy breaks each learning stage (remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and create) into four separate levels of knowledge. These levels include the factual, conceptual, procedural, and metacognitive. Together the levels of knowledge are making incremental movements from a factual understanding, to the personal command and realization of the learning process. The revised taxonomy also lists two cognitive processes within the applying stage: executing and implementing.1 These two processes illustrate the range of thinking skills possible within a stage. Executing requires the application of factual knowledge and refers to the ability to carry out learned procedures such as solving a long division problem. On the other hand, implementing reaches up into the metacognitive level and demands that students be able to apply learned skills to a task that initially appears to be an unrelated to prior learning experiences. "
Bernie Rummonds

K-5 iPad Apps for Remembering: Part One of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy | Edutopia - 4 views

    It is Benjamin Bloom's belief that the entry point to learning is the acquisition of knowledge. He postulates that a solid foundation of terms, facts, theories, and skills is the educational base that will allow the mind to evaluate information effectively and inspire innovation.
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