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Megan Black

Video List MITS - Technology assistance for students with disabilities - 14 views

    Video Screencasts of tutorials on Accessibility features and Assistive Apps on the iPad.
John Evans

3 iPad apps to assist teaching mathematics - HOME - Edgalaxy: Where Education... - 11 views

    Review of Mathboard, Wolfram Alpha Algebra Assistant and Statisitics 1 for iPad.
Dean Mantz

Educational and Assistive Technology Consulting Services - EdTech Associates - 4 views

    EdTech Associates has compiled a list of recommended apps to assist Dyslexic students. 
Peggy George

Siri Acquisition Brings Apple Much Closer to the 'Knowledge Navigator' Concept - Mac Ru... - 4 views

    "In 1987, Apple produced a concept video demonstrating a future computer called the Knowledge Navigator. The tablet-like device offered the user a natural language interface, video conferencing, multi-touch display and access to a global network of information. Siri understands what you say, accomplishes tasks for you and adapts to your preferences over time.mSiri can help you find and plan things to do. While seemingly the product of an overactive imagination, Apple's recent acquisition of Siri brings Apple a lot closer to that vision than ever before. Siri reportedly was born from the CALO artificial intelligence project which sought to fulfill a call for a "a cognitive computer system should be able to learn from its experience, as well as by being advised." Apple's value in acquiring Siri appears to be focused on this personal assistance technology. "
    Siri is an excellent iPhone app that uses both text and voice to search for locations and much more information.
Kathleen N

iPrompts for Autism - 0 views

    review The Assistive Technology Blog: "There's an App for that!" Not AAC It features a picture schedule which can be customized using photos from the iTouch photo library or using photos contained in the small iPrompts library. The second feature is a 2 picture choice board which can also be customized with pictures from the iTouch photo library or the iPrompts library. By turning the iTouch to landscape mode, when the student touches his choice the other choice is shaded. Finally, the last feature is a visual timer. A picture can be included along with the timer that gives the student a visual cue as to how much time is left in a particular activity. READ MORE...
Dean Mantz

iPads in the Classroom: Integration Matters | Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning - 14 views

    Joshua A. Danish says it takes a village to effectively integrate new technologies such as the iPad into elementary classrooms. As we reported recently, some school districts are investing in iPad2 touchpad tablets in kindergarten classrooms. In an opinion piece published in the Indianapolis Star, Indiana University assistant professor Joshua A. Danish says that though tablets such as the iPad have potential to be a powerful tool for teaching and learning, educators shouldn't jump the gun.
Bernie Rummonds

- Apps to Assist in the Writing Process by Vicki Windman - 27 views

    As we begin the new school year we have an opportunity to start with a clean slate. Writing is a skill that many students struggle with, from grammar, idiom and spelling to punctuation and footnotes.
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