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Arabica Robusta

Theory Talks: Theory Talk #43 - Saskia Sassen - 0 views

  • doing this kind of research requires going beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries: you need to mix not just the empirical information about technologies, jurisdictions, transnational firms, the specific national laws of countries governing the diverse domains you might be covering –from economy to civil society. Beyond the empirical, which in a way is not so difficult—though it takes a lot of time—there is the challenge of developing conceptual framings that allow you to accommodate these fragments from diverse disciplines. In my experience one has to construct a kind of conceptual architecture that encompasses (as does a building!) many diverse elements. The critical challenge here is the organizing logic.
  • Can you help us to make methodological sense of contemporary global relations?

    Theory is critical: we need to grasp that which we cannot reduce to empirical measures. Empirical data to document globalization is important, but it is not enough.
  • In sum, conceiving of globalization must not occur only in terms of interdependence and global institutions, but also as inhabiting and reshaping the national from the inside, which opens up a vast agenda for research and politics. It means that research on globalization needs to include detailed studies and ethnographies of multiple national conditions and dynamics that are likely to be engaged by the global and often are the global, but function inside the national. This will take decoding: much of the global is still dressed in the clothes of the national. Deciphering the global requires delving deeper into subsumed phenomena and structures, rather than simply considering the self-evident.
Ed Webb

Gordon Brown: Reviving the West - 1 views

  • : a world undergoing a far-reaching, irreversible, and, indeed, unprecedented restructuring of economic power.
  • Western economic dominance -- 10 percent of the world's population producing a majority of the world's exports and investment -- is finished, never to return. After two centuries in which Europe and America monopolized global economic activity, the West is now being out-produced, out-manufactured, out-traded, and out-invested by the rest of the world.
Austen Dunn

Jellyfish swarm northward in warming world - Yahoo! News - 0 views

    Gobal Warming and the issue of the Commons. Chinese water pollution contributing to jellyfish surge in Japanese fisheries.
Ed Webb

From Poverty to Power by Duncan Green » Blog Archive » Failed States Index 20... - 0 views

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