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Spice Up Your Class Rewards - 1 views

    Here we are- about half way through the school year and right smack in the middle of winter. This is the time of year when I routinely feel a) so sick of inside recess and the resulting afternoon of madness that I could scream, b) like I have million things to cover and oh-my-goodness where did the time go and c) bored to death with my prize box. I'll let you in on a little secret. If you are bored by your routine, blah, been-sitting-in-the-treasure-chest-since-September prizes, so are your students.
Dana Huff

Tech Tips For Teachers: Free, Easy and Useful Creation Tools - The Learning Network Blo... - 68 views

    Ryan Goble, who often coaches teachers in what he calls the "mindful" use of technology, has written today's guest post on user-friendly tools that enable the creation of student projects.
Fred Delventhal

Using BrainPOP With Student Response Systems | BrainPOP Educators - 36 views

    ...The way to do this is to have a blank Smart Notebook page open in transparent view over BrainPOP. Transparent view can be activated by clicking on "View" then selecting "Transparent Background." ...
Kathleen N

TabUp - Keep Tabs. - 0 views

    This is a fantastic start page option for teachers and students. It has everything teachers want (widgets, privacy controls, booksmarks, calendar, RSS, mini blog(journal), notes, to-do, video, and more). The file upload is a big bonus. Students and teachers can personalize the designs and add/share tabs. You can make each tab public or private and grant specific privileges for the tools (widgets).invitIe students individually or bulk upload from a file.
Danny Nicholson

100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers - Classroom 2.0 - 0 views

    View the list of the Top 100 Videos for Teachers. This list is provided by, a leading online resource for current teachers, and aspiring education students and student teachers.
Danny Nicholson

Primary Lesson Starts | Teachers TV - 1 views

    Find short starter clips for use on interactive whiteboards in your classroom, covering primary maths, science and literacy
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