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Jason Schmidt

Educational Technology - Smartboard Resources - 60 views

    This page has several very good references and lessons to use with SMART Boards (much applies to other boards as well).
Ced Paine

Tip 71 - Interactive Whiteboard Resources - 1 views

    Nice list
Danny Nicholson - create your own Educational Flash games - 0 views

    Our programs allow anyone to generate their own e-Learning quizzes, games and applications through our custom software - no coding required.
Paul Boyer

Digital Frog International :: The Digital Field Trip to The Wetlands - All Li... - 1 views

    Great interactive CD-ROM project from folks who bring you "The Digital Frog." This page outlines an educator's license, but try the Demo first! It looks great for an Ecology class.
    This award-winning digital field trip allows students to visit a bog in Algonquin Park, Ontario without getting their feet wet. Photos, videos, animations and interactive exercises teach about such topics as photosynthesis, wetland types and mechanisms, wetland plants and animals, formation and succession, food webs and the impact of humans on this vital ecosystem. Interactive concept maps and context-sensitive help ensure that users never get lost. Definitions and pronunciations make the text accessible to students with a wide range of reading levels. Even very young children can enjoy many activities, as well as videos and pictures. Students love playing the electronic version of the predator-prey string game. Teacher and Student versions of the workbook materials are included on the disc in PDF, Word, RTF and Ascii formats, allowing you to print just what you need, when you need it, as well as customizing the materials if needed.
Jeff Johnson

Education: Interactive Whiteboards in Schools (Newsweek) - 0 views

    Teachers are conditioned to tolerate a lot of abuse-it's a professional hazard-but what faculty members at Sir G. E. Cartier Elementary School in London, Ontario, went through last spring seems beyond the call of duty: a few of them agreed to be duct-taped to a gym wall while students hit them in the face with pies. Why on earth would they do that? To raise $3,000-enough cash for an interactive whiteboard, the most coveted piece of educational technology on the market right now.
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