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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Reine E

Reine E

HowStuffWorks "How the Spanish Inquisition Worked" - 0 views

    Have you ever heard someone say "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition"? The line comes from a series of sketches by British comedy troupe Monty Py­thon. In the sketches, one character gets annoyed at another character for asking him question after question. At the height of his frustration, he yells, "Well, I wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition!"
Reine E

Greek Government - 7 Points to Know About Ancient Greek Government - 2 views

  • You may have heard that ancient Greece invented democracy, but democracy was only one type of government employed by the Greeks, and when it first evolved, many Greeks thought it a bad idea. In the pre-Classical period, ancient Greece was composed of small geographic units ruled by a local king. Over time, groups of the leading aristocrats replaced the kings. Greek aristocrats were powerful, hereditary noblemen and wealthy landowners whose interests were at odds with the majority of the populace.
  • 1. Ancient Greece Had Many Governments
    Wow i never knew that before!!
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