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Contents contributed and discussions participated by dana k

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Spanish Inquisition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 1 views

    This is about the Spanish Inquisition. What it is, and who was involved in it. 
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The Manorial System - The Middle Ages for Kids - 1 views

    Manorial System
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Monastery on sale in MONTGARDIN, France - buy Monastery in MONTGARDIN - sale France | R... - 1 views

    my monastery 
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End of the Roman Empire - 1 views

    • dana k
      This is good to take notes and study; has lots of information 
  • Taxation had to be increased to pay for this large army
  • The Romans were forced to increase the size of their army.
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  • These taxes were higher than most people could afford
  • Christianity also created problems for the Roman Empire.
  • died of starvation
  • Roman citizens became monks and refused to get married and have children.
  • The Romans called the people who lived outside the Roman Empire barbarians. In the 4th century AD the Roman Army had considerable difficulty in stopping these Barbarians from entering the Roman Empire.
  • Some Roman citizens, upset by heavy taxation and suffering from poverty, formed themselves into an armed resistance group called the Bagaudae
    End of the roman empire
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Ancient Greece - 0 views

    All about Greece and there life styles. Can be a very helpful site to understand what their life was like.
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