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Gabriela R

LEGO: THE FEUDAL SYSTEM - YouTube - 0 views

    • Gabriela R
      Actually shows the history of the feudalism (except for spiderman). It also shows the lives of the social classes. 
Jacob S

Feudal System - 9 views

    Great site for how the feudal system started for everybody but mostly the knights. 
    the site is getting is giving me only so much info but its good if you need to get far in social studies use some of these sites like this one
    the government was a way for protection and order iand hard labor for peasants like in rome only they have there differences on law and order
dana k

The Manorial System - The Middle Ages for Kids - 1 views

    Manorial System
Katelyn H

The Middle Ages | Feudalism - 7 views

  • the government provided bread, oil and wine to the people at no charge.
  • This means that people were selected for government positions because they were friends of someone in authority
  • “patron” system
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • The father was the head of the household and had power over his wife and children.
  • Most marriages were arranged, but the children did have some say in the choice.
  • During the Imperial Period (the third period), not only did the government of Rome provide bread for the people, it also provided entertainment.
  • The Romans followed the medical care of the Greeks.
  • In the early years, there was no public education. Children learned about farming, training for war and more in their homes.
  • later years of the empire, the Romans were influenced by the Greeks and had Greek tutors teach the wealthy children about classic literature and art.
    This a great website for feudalism and some of its rules in the Middle Ages.
nick s

Indian Caste System - 0 views

    The way the Indian Caste System operated in ancient times.
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