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Google Play Still Tops iOS App Store Downloads, And Now Narrowing Revenue Gap, Too | Te... - 0 views

    Picture in, your mind, an app. Now this app is probably popular, one you downloaded and is from the apple app store; this, however, could be changing soon. Although the android market place has been number 1 in downloads for a while now, they've been lagging behind in profit, but that gap is closing. The market place, already receiving 45% more downloads than the apple app store, is becoming more and more popular. Expanding markets in developing countries is aiding the expansion. Ultimately, android's reasonable pricing for phones is contributing to a huge boom in phone and app sales. Although this is the case, the market place is still far behind the App Store in revenue. The app store is currently making apple 85% more than the market place does for android, but those numbers are changing. One day soon, Android may topple apple's dominance in the app world and take its place as king.
Alexandra Fank

Yelp (for iPhone) Review & Rating | - 0 views

    Yelp's ability to provide detailed information and reviews of businesses is very impressive, and the free app gives you exactly what you need when you're on the go. You can quickly find out if a business is currently open or closed, get directions to the site, see photos of what's inside, and read reviews and tips about the business. And the design of Yelp's mobile app makes doing so surprisingly simple. Yelp is an Editors' Choice iPhone app because it makes life on-the-go better and more enjoyable. And the information it delivers is extremely helpful for anyone in an unfamiliar city.

Daily App: Union is a powerful image blending tool for iOS | Breaking Apple News, Tips ... - 0 views

    Union is a new type of "Photoshop" app for your phone. This clever app allows you to load multiple images and blend them together in creative ways. This app allows for double exposure on photos for a cool effect, or simply making certain layers of photos transparent. The blending of pictures and using certain effects allows users to get very professional and artistic looking photos. This app also includes tutorial videos on how to use the app for particular artistic ideas. Photos created can then be transferred to your camera roll or other large social media outlets such as twitter and instagram. I personally believe this app is great because I have used many "photo shop" apps and they have all been lacking a certain something while Union seems to provide everything I need to edit multiple photos.
Matt Visitacion

Just Tap Your Phone On Every Wall and This App Will Draw a Floorplan - 0 views

  • It's not a bad idea to measure a room before you go out and buy a bunch of new furniture. And if you've got an iPhone, that becomes less of an ordeal because you can trade your tape measure for this slick app called RoomScan. It automatically generates floorplans by simply tapping your phone on every wall.
    This article is about an app for the iPhone that is called RoomScan. It is a floor plan generator which helps you when you measure a room if you are buying new furniture. It simply works by tapping your phone on every wall! The app uses your phone's built in GPS and gyroscope. Sadly, this app is only for iPhone and not for Android. I think this is a great app, and it helps people who are moving around furniture in the house because it saves a lot of time. This new creation also shows that technology in our society is replacing a lot of our in-home tools.
Radu Cernatescu

Wendy's now lets you pay for a meal with its mobile app - 0 views

    This is becoming more famous, along with mobile banking, the payment of goods in a store with a mobile phone. This is good for technological advancement and it shows how much we have evolved from paying with paper money to paying electronically. But, there is a downside to this, since it is electronic, it is not very safe because people can hack your mobile phone and steal your money. This fits the eLifestyle tag because it represents how our lives are different with electronics, than it was 50 years ago.

Weekend App: viaProtect will give you some strong hints about your iPhone's security st... - 0 views

    This app viaProtect is an app for your iphone that monitors where your data is going and where its coming from. This app makes sure that your data for your phone is secure and you are aware of it. When you use this app, it will analyse your phone and will provide a risk score. this app will not solve all your security problems with your iphone, but it will increase your awareness about where your data is going. I would be interested in using this app but it is only available for iphone. i think that this app is very useful, so you know that your data maybe going somewhere else or coming from somewhere else.

Flappy Bird comeback: Developer Dong Nguyen hints game could return in Rolling Stone in... - 0 views

    This article talks about the possible return of the game flappy bird. This article says that the creator is considering bringing back the game to the app store. When Dong first removed it, the reason was that it had become an addictive product. The reason that he might bring back the app is because he wanted to take a break. I think that he might bring back the app so that he can make money. Originally, he was making 50 000 dollars off ad revenue daily. If I was him, i would have never taken down the app in the first place. It clearly made him a lot of money.

Miley's Lawyers Want "Flying Cyrus" Off The App Store | TechCrunch - 0 views

    Flappy Bird may be dead but Miley Cyrus is not. Once Flappy Bird died everyone jumped on the bandwagon to develop a similar game. Flying Cyrus has been fifth in the App Store since the death of Flappy Bird but Flying Cyrus may be dead soon to. Miley Cyrus's lawyers have been telling the creators of Flying Cyrus to pull the game down. Talo Games (the creators) do not plan on it anytime soon. As for what will happen we will find out in the future.

Fixed: an app to help you fight parking tickets - Boing Boing - 0 views

    There is a now an IOS app that lets you fight in-justifiable parking tickets. This app is called fixed. Fixed is a service that will help you fight traffic tickets. You will be given a traffic ticket advocate to help fight for you, and give you your odds on winning your ticket. This service will charge you 25% the ticket if it becomes dismissed. I personally believe this app is genius. It is just another example of how simple applications will slowly help us in our every day lives.
Allison Concepcion

Yahoo Just Made The Most Beautiful Weather App - 0 views

    Yahoo had just made a new app for weather which is catching to the eyes.  Everyone checks on their phone once in a while to see the weather and yahoo has one if not the prettiest app for weather.  With the help of photographers and the Flickr community, Yahoo! Weather screams simplicity. Just look at it.By pulling in your exact coordinates, the time of day and general weather conditions, Yahoo! Weather selects and displays an appropriate image taken in your town to match the forecast. So at night, you'll see night time shots and so on. And by scrolling up, you have access to an hourly forecast, five day forecast, the ever important "feels like," wind and pressure, chance of precipitation and it'll even tell you when the sun is rising and setting. There's also a map mode that offers a wider area of coverage in case you're traveling. Also, by turning your iPhone horizontal, the app goes into full display mode with just images from your city of choice.

Google's location-aware pocket tour guide app Field Trip comes to iOS - The Next Web - 0 views

    This article is about a location-aware Field Trip tour guide app for iOS. You can now download it from the apple app store. Previously, the app was only available for Android, arriving back in September 2012. Field Trip runs in the background on your phone, triangulating position via cell phone towers, and only notifies you when "get close to something interesting." This can include anything local businesses, historical facts, landmarks, art, or culture.You select the local feeds you like and the information pops up on your phone automatically as you move about. You can discover thousands of interesting places/experiences that fall under the following categories: Architecture, Historic Places & Events, Lifestyle, Offers & Deals, Food Drinks & Fun, Movie Locations, Outdoor Art and Obscure Places of Interest around you. Field Trip can detect when you're driving and automatically "talk" about interesting places and experience around you.

    I think that this is a cool app and should be used while you go on trips so that you can see all the places around you and choose where you want to go. 
Javier Ayala

Bang With Friends Sex App Registers 5 Users Per Minute - 1 views

  • ends Sex App Registers 5 Users Per Minut
    my first bookamrk
ecaterina smirnov

A Facebook App That Aims to Keep Private Photos Private - - 0 views

    This post is about a new app made by McAfee which is meant to be an extra security for people's photos on Facebook. We know that even if we put our privacy settings on "only friends" there are ways through comments, likes and mutual friends that people you do not know can come across your pictures and download, print or upload them on a different site. This app helps protect by asking users to list who will get to view their photos. Only those people on the list will get to see the photo no matter who is friends with who, or who likes or comments on it. People not on the exact list will only see the photo blurry and barely visible. In addition to that nobody will be able to grab, print or download the photos even if they are on the list of people who can see the photos. This app is only in its development or "beta" phase, but it is already free to download and use on Internet Explorer and Firefox. The company is still working on versions for Chrome and mobile devices. Before concluding they did mention that there are still ways to photograph the photo with your phone, if you have a clear picture.
    I believe this app is a big step to having online security. This app can help stop the spread of your photos before it starts. People may not think about their internet security very often but it is important to know that once it's on the internet it's on there forever. With internet popularity growing and growing we must also know the dangers of posting photos and protect ourselves. Facebook allows so much public information to be revealed this app can ensure you have a more private account.
    In my opinion this is a great app and considering that it is free while it is being developed I think people should try it out. Although it's only available on Firefox and Internet Explorer it is already a leap in the right direction. However, as it was mentioned earlier you can still have people take photos from their phones. Nevertheless, if you chose the correct people on your list
Nikita Varabei

11-year-old wins $20,000 at AT&T hackathon for creating app that discourages texting wh... - 1 views

    This post is about an app created by eleven year old Victoria Walker and David Grau that helps prevent texting while driving. With it people can form "packs" and will be able to prevent their friends form texting while driving. This is done through setting off a loud baring noise that dosn't stop until the offender stops texting.

    I believe that this is an amazing app as it will help prevent accidents. Also it makes people more interactive and aware of the dangers of texting and driving. This app will cause more interaction because it doesn't make preventing texting while driving a chore, instead it makes it fun. Furthermore i find it amazing that this app was created by eleven year olds. This really goes to show that you can do anything, and you don't have to wait until you get older. It shows that opportunity awaits everywhere.

    In conclusion I would like to say that those kids are brilliant and they've created an amazing app.
    Great post. Apps that serve the most basic purpose are always the best.
jose valenzuela

Designing a Mobile App? Don't Make These 10 Mistakes - 1 views

    This article is about the 10 mistake not to do when designing a mobile app. 1. Don't Begin Wireframes or Designs Without a Flow map
    2. Don't Disregard the Development Budget. 3. Don't Start With Low Resolutions & Avoid Bitmaps. 4. Don't Undersize The Hit Area. 5. Don't Gratuitously Use Intro Animations. 6. Don't Leave Users Hanging. 7. Don't Blindly Copy Style From Other Operating Systems. 8. Don't Overstuff Pixel-Dense Screens. 9. Don't Assume Everyone Will Use Your App The Same Way You Do. 10. Don't Forget About Gestures, But Don't Abuse Them Either.
Malaika Thompson

Instagram Rockets to No. 1 in App Store in Wake of Facebook Deal - 0 views

    A few days ago i had posted a link that was talking about how a lot of people had started leaving instagram since facebook bought it, but now it seems it's doing the opposite. For the first time ever, instagram is at the top of the iOS free apps catalog. The article even states that people are starting to join instagram because of all the hype. IT seems that they want to see what instagram is about and if it's really as amazing as people claim it to be. In my opinion, i think the hype for instagram will eventually die down and be another one of those 'used to be apps' like temple run.
Malaika Thompson

What to Eat Tonight? DinnerSpinner App Puts Your Pantry In Your Pocket - 0 views

    Deciding what to make for dinner has always been hard because most people want to make new things and not just the same old recipes.Well now it's easier, when you use Allrecipies' updated Dinner Spinner app. This app allows you to keep track of what food items you have at home in a virtual pantry, and scan items at the grocery store with your smartphone to find recipes to make with that item. This could come in handy for many people and it makes life more exciting. You could try new foods everyday, or even add some extra fun into your old recipe.
Malaika Thompson

Sharing-Friendly Shazam 5.0 Recognizes Music in a Second [VIDEO] - 0 views

    Shazam has come out with it's newest version, 5.0 for iPod and iPhone users. The changes to this new app is faster speed, better layout, and ability to connect to other social networks. Some people claim that it is THE fastest music app. Shazam claims that their app can identify a song in 1 second, and when tested it only took 3 seconds. This is a huge improvement to the older model which took 10 seconds. I remember having Shazam on my blackberry and having to sometimes wait for almost 30 seconds to get a song identified. This shows that Shazam has come a long way. People are also now allowed to comment on the music they found and share it with their friends on facebook and twitter. In addition, Shazam has added language support for over 30 different languages. making Shazam more universal. I'm sure that this new model will make Shazam a lot of money.
Brian Agas

Amazon Instant Video app for the PS3 brings both Prime subscriptions and VOD along -- E... - 0 views

    While Amazon has continued to grow both its video on-demand and all you can eat Prime Instant Video services content-wise, playback on the TV is still limited to relatively few devices. You can add a major one to the list however, since the app has just started popping up on the PlayStation 3. It shows how handy it is to get movies on the Ps3.
Kadeesha P

NYC Launches a Better Map App for Tourists - 0 views

    On cell phones they have maps. They are creating a new one that shows the many stores that are in New York, and where they are specifically located. Another feature is by touching the stores name it show tweets from each store that promote their sales. They will be charging people to have these privileges. This relates to the course because it shows how technology is evolving.
    This article is about NYC launching a better map app for tourist. The new app is going to be a big improvement so that tourist can find specific stores better. 
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