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Angela Maiers

Truemors :: Top Schools Say 'No' to Fed Funding With Strings - 0 views

    Great piece on government involvement in education!
cory plough

Convert Youtube and Myspace Video to MP3! Only at - 0 views

    convert youtube and other vids to mp3
Vicki Davis

Dreamweaver menu extensions, CSS, DHTML - - 0 views

  • To allow the layering of Flash content with DHTML content you have to do the following with the Flash Object tag:
    • Add the following parameter to the <object> tag:
      <param name="wmode" value="transparent">;
    • Add the following parameter to the <embed> tag:

    For you webmasters out there, I've found a really cool tool to make killer drop down menus that is worth the cost. Also, this is the information on how to make menus or other items appear IN FRONT OF flash objects on a web page. (I've had trouble w/ this forever!)

    Follow these instructions from this site:

    "To allow the layering of Flash content with DHTML content you have to do the following with the Flash Object tag:

    * Add the following parameter to the tag:
    * Add the following parameter to the
    Tool for making cool drop down menus on your website AND instructions for putting the menus in front of a flash object.
Zaid Ali Alsagoff

10 Secrets to Great Teaching - 124 views

Dear Erin Freeman, Thanks for the great feedback. I knew there was something really important that I kind of missed out (with the exception of 'Laugh' at oneself, which was mentioned). And you jus...

learning teaching

Angela Maiers

socialmedian: Can New Media Be Taught in Schools? - 0 views

    The question isn't can social/media can be taught...the question is HOW can it be???
Angela Maiers

The TrueTalk Blog: Our Greatest Problem - 0 views

    Every educator needs to be apart of the conversation!
Vicki Davis

Estie's Gifts &amp; Treasures: Thing #23 - Reflections - 1 views

    This is precisely why more of us should be implementing the "23 things" pd program with our teachers. Estie Cuellar from Houston Texas did an amazing job discussing her learning journey and did an amazing job blogging it as well.

    This is very impressive and displays the transformational nature of becoming immersed in these tools. I look forward to seeing what happens in her classroom!

    Again, I believe that embedded PD (professional development that is in pieces as part of our day) rather than binge PD is much more transformational! This is proof!
    summary of Estie Cullear's learning from the 23 things project -- an excellent professional development method for EMBEDDING PD.
Jeff Johnson

U Michigan To Explore Link Between Pollution and K-12 Performance : July 2008 : THE Jou... - 0 views

    Is there a link between air pollution and student performance in K-12 schools? That's what University of Michigan researchers said they hope to discover as they embark on a three-year research project to determine correlations between air quality and performance benchmarks like absenteeism, test scores, and dropout rates.

Ted Sakshaug

Jog The Web - 0 views

Jerry Swiatek

Learn Spanish, - 0 views

shared by Jerry Swiatek on 31 Jul 08 - Cached
    Lingus.TV is a television channel for the new generation devoted to teaching and disseminating languages, while taking advantage of all the social characteristics of the Internet.
Ric Murry

Selfcast | Home - 0 views

    UStream alternative
Angela Maiers

It's Yuil! Looks Like Cuil, With Better Results - 0 views

    The race is on! Yuil give Cuil a run for it's money! What does Google think?
Angela Maiers

Welcome to the District Leader's Podcast site - 0 views

    Great new sight for leadership! Wonderful podcasts!
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