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Vicki Davis

Resolution on the Importance of Journalism Courses and Programs in English Curricula - 1 views

    If you need "proof" of the merit of journalism programs, look no further than the "enemy" that has been the excuse for killing many journalism programs -- test scores. Read this NCTE position paper about journalism in the curriculum which states: "It is important to note that a body of research provides data showing that students who participate in journalism programs do better on testing and college language arts courses. In Journalism Kids Do Better (Dvorak, Lain, Dickson), research shows students who take journalistic writing courses score higher on the Advanced Placement English Language and Composition exam than students who take only AP or honors English courses. They also score higher on college entrance exams such as the ACT. "We've done a number of research studies that show that high school journalism is equal to or exceeds standard English [courses], Dvorak said. "Journalism students' writing skills, their sensitivity to audience, their use of grammar, punctuation, spelling, their concern with accuracy, their use of sources -- all of these things tended to be significantly higher in their performances."" I would also argue that many students who are not reached by AP or honors courses can be highly engaged in journalistic pursuits. If you want a strong writing program, make sure you have a school newspaper. Share this with your newspaper and annual staff advisors to help reinforce the merit of journalism programs with your board of education and administrators.
Claude Almansi

Belgian Newspapers v. Google: Text of the Court of Appeal's Decision « Educat... - 0 views

    "Posted on August 1, 2011 by Claude Almansi In 2006, Copiepresse, the rights managing society of Belgian publishers of French- and German-language daily newspapers, sued Google about the snippets shown in Google News and about the cached versions displayed in Google Search. On May 5, 2011, a decision of the Brussels appeal court slightly reworded but basically confirmed the 2007 judgment of the first instance court : (...) This decision of the Brussels Court of Appeals is therefore important for legal studies: not only because of the doubt about what it actually ordered, but also because its long and detailed initial considerations illustrate several differences between the US and European legal cultures. Until recently, this decision was only available as a photographic PDF on Scribd. This meant that it was inaccessible to blind people and awkward to study for everybody. Fortunately, the BJ Institute of Hyderabad, India, has now made it available as accessible PDF and DOC files. This is the version I used for the above quotation. Thanks to the collaborators of the BJ Institute for their very accurate work."
Kelly Faulkner

Flashboard Wars: The Age vs The Herald-Sun - 3 views

    a compilation of competing headlines in 2 australian newspapers, with vivid results. good for your media studies class.
Ted Sakshaug

Newspapermap - All onlinenewspapers in the world - 26 views

    newspaper-Google map mash-up. Find newspapers from around the world
Michael Walker

Chronicling America - The Library of Congress - 11 views

    Historic Newspapers: View pages of papers from 1860-1922
David Hilton

Jules R. Benjamin, A Student's Online Guide to History Reference Sources, Eleventh Edition - 11 views

    Welcome to the Web site for A Student's Online Guide to History Reference Sources. Adapted from the appendixes in A Student's Guide to History, Eleventh Edition, this site guides you to some of the best tools available for the most common research areas.
    A useful online guide which accompanies an excellent book written to introduce students to historical research and writing.
Ted Sakshaug

rayogram NEWScan - 0 views

    Today's front page from major newspapers
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