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Jacques Cool

The Innovative Educator: 5 Steps to Harnessing the Power of Cells in Education Today - 11 views

    The five steps are: * Step One: Teacher Use of Cell Phones for Professional Purposes * Step Two: Teacher Models Appropriate Use for Learning * Step Three: Strengthen the Home-School Connection with Cell Phones * Step Four: Students Use Cell Phones for Homework * Step Five: Students Use Cell Phones for Classwork
Dave Truss

Top News - Analysis: How multimedia can improve learning - 0 views

    Analysis: How multimedia can improve learning\nNew research sheds light on students' ability to process multiple modes of learning
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    An analysis of existing research supports a notion that already has begun to transform instruction in schools from coast to coast: that multimodal learning--using many modes and strategies that cater to individual learners' needs and capacities--is more effective than traditional, unimodal learning, which uses a single mode or strategy.
    Important research about multimodal learning
    adding visuals to verbal (textual and/or auditory) instruction can result in significant gains in basic or higher-order learning, if applied appropriately. Students using a well-designed combination of visuals and text learn more than students who use only text, the report says.
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