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Martin Burrett

Forest Academy - 4 views

    A well made flash resource that introduces the features of a forest and our responsibilities to look after them. The resource is generic enough that it is useful for forest locations from around the world.
andrew kauffman

UPM - Forest Life - 0 views

    this is an interactive website that takes students into a forest and allows them to explore all different forest ecosystems. It is created by a logging company so it is even nicer that there are some sustainability issues on this site.
Ben W

New Google Earth Layer Shows Global Deforestation : TreeHugger - 0 views

    Links to a Google Earth layer showing the rates of deforestation around the world.
    Layers of polygons showing the rate of deforestation (or forestation) for the countries of the world. Links to an active counter of hectares forested in that country.
Ric Murry

AFRICA - Explore the Regions - Savanna - 0 views

    Savanna, Sahel, Sahara, Rain Forest
Brendan Murphy

Technology Integration for Elementary Schools | Edutopia - 2 views

  • Digital and video cameras:
    • Brendan Murphy
      Phones and voice recorders on the phones for older students.
  • Maintain the same rigor as in pen-and-paper
  • rubric up fron
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • Connect
  • let them do it.
  • Curate
  • clear purpose
  • real audience
    • Brendan Murphy
      Hashtag #comment4kids Get parents involvement Older students
  • valuable tools are theirs
    • Brendan Murphy
    "Put the tools in kids' hands. * Interactive whiteboards: They don't call 'em interactive for nothing. When these large-display screens that connect to a computer and a projector arrived at Forest Lake, Williams gave teachers six months to wean themselves from their interaction-less overhead projectors. Students can touch the interactive boards to solve math problems, play games, or write and edit text. When one student is running the board, Williams suggests keeping others engaged using remote clickers, personal dry-erase slates, or manipulatives. (Download this idea guide for interactive whiteboards.) "

kidsgcci wiki / Woods Hole Research Center - 0 views

    Climate Change and Tropical Forests Q & A Video Clips Connections and Remedies Dr, John Holdren, Director, Woods Hole Research CenterDr. Daniel Nepstad, Senior Scientist, Head of Amazon Project, Woods Hole Reseach Center Spring 2008 Erpf Evening Lecture April 2008
Susan Sedro

Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology | Edutopia - 22 views

    GREAT article, complete with links to lesson plans and rubrics. Elementary-school focused. Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology To challenge and support each child at his or her own level, the educators of Forest Lake Elementary deploy a powerful array of digital-technology tools. Discover what your school can learn.
Maggie Verster

How the world has changed: some satellite images - 0 views

    The Earth Observatory has pulled together a special series of NASA satellite images documenting how our world-forests, oceans, human landscapes, even the Sun-has changed during the previous decade.
Martin Burrett

Book: Uncharted Territories by @Hywel_Roberts & @DebraKidd - 0 views

    "In their new book, Debra Kidd and Hywel Roberts firmly place teachers, and ultimately their students, in a range of different locations, where the learning inhabits, offering a fantastically imagined context with prompts, ideas and illustrations helping exploration and discovery. In a fascinating resource book, which can be used in many subject areas, across most stages in schools, the authors break down each chapter destination (including a forest, castle, graveyard, ship, zoo, cave, theme park) into a story starter - introducing the location and providing provocative initial questions; key landmarks (either for primary or secondary aged students), a stopover - providing a more in-depth account of their learning journey; stepping stones - context based tasks provided to also prod your imagination, and; the bedrock - offering a debrief of the processes, helping teachers understand the justification of the processes undertaken."
Martin Burrett

Imagine Forest - 3 views

    "A superb platform for creating online books. Add pictures from the bank of images or from your computer. Browse the extensive library of books created by the community."
Martin Burrett

This Exquisite Forest - 17 views

    This site is a collaborative online drawing and animation project from Google and the UK's Tate Modern art gallery. Draw part of a picture and add to other people's creation.
Ben W

Michigan, Ground Zero For Sustainability, Struggling To Develop Wind Power : TreeHugger - 0 views

  • while surrounded by water resources that are the envy of half the population of the US and many arid nations
    • Ben W
      Michigan may see a resurgance in vitality as water resources become increasingly taxed elsewhere (i.e. Atlanta). MI is a state mostly free from worry about weather calamities (no hurricanes, flooding happens, but hasn't been horrible, forest fires are rare, and mudslides are unheard of), and may become a "safe haven" in the future.
    Describes MI's problems w/ adding serious wind power to the existing electrical grid. Calls for an improvement of transmission lines to be able to handle new energy sources.
Phil Macoun

Library | Navigator - 21 views

  • The carefully selected press clippings and resources in this section have been chosen to provide a clear sense of both the forest and the trees in the landscape of emerging technology. Included are not only information about the technologies themselves but also clues to the context within which they are developed and used.
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