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Vicki Davis

Azhar's Reflections: Twitter in a new dress! - 6 views

    I love this reflection from Azhar Youssef, an EFL teacher in Egypt who is so passionate and excited. This is what MOOCs are all about - connecting the world and finding the best wherever they are. Hat tip to my friend Lee Graham of #diffimooc who let me know about Azhar's work. This is her introduction video that she used for the Mooc work. I think that all teachers in the near future, are going to need to have an introduction video. Like a resume, you'll need it to use to introduce yourself when you participate in elearning projects. Do you have an intro flyer or video? Isn't it time? I love her smore flyer. (via Azhar's Reflections: Twitter in a new dress!)
Martin Burrett

Giza 3D - Dassault Systèmes - 2 views

    A truly stunning 3D reconstruction and tour of the Giza pyramids, the Sphinx and other structures. Watch a guided tour around and inside the structures at various points in history. You can even view the site in full 3D. The site may take a little time to load.
Dave Truss

Shareable media sets - K12 Open Ed - 17 views

    Social studies * Ancient Egypt * Ancient China * Africa * Civil War Science * Forces and motion (coming very soon) * Diversity of life * Genes * Properties of matter * The planets * Weather * Cells
Dean Mantz

Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom: When We Will Start Our Egyptian Revolut... - 5 views

    Great blog post reflection on events in Egypt 
Martin Burrett

Discover the Egyptians - 10 views

    The Egyptian section of the National Museum Scotland has a wonderful set of interactive resources and games that bring this ancient culture to life... so beware of the mummies!

The Imagine Cup - 0 views

    The Imagine Cup is a global student technology competition focused on finding solutions to real-world issues. It's the dawn of a new Imagine Cup. Are you ready to change the world?
Jason Heiser

Make Your Own Cartouche - 0 views

    Create a personal Cartouche
Sam Ezz

Medicine in Pharaonic Times - 1 views

    It is obvious that ancient Egyptians were proficient in medicine exactly as they were proficient in other areas such as engineering, architecture, and mummi
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