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Ed Webb

Is the internet making teens nicer? - Yahoo! News - 10 views

  • We typically assume that the internet is turning kids into narcissistic, vicious cyber-bullies, but a growing body of research indicates that the opposite is true. New research suggests that spending time emailing, texting, and Facebook-ing might actually help both adults and kids become better friends and people
  • the more time college students spent on the internet, the more empathetic they were both online and off
  • Forty-five percent of 3,777 teens surveyed reported being bullied, but fewer than 20 percent of those said it had occurred online or via text messaging or phone. Almost 40 percent said it had happened in person. And two-thirds of those bullied online said they didn't even find the abuse upsetting.
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  • "Have our brains become so desensitized by a 24/7, all-you-can-eat diet of lurid flickering images that we've lost all perspective on appropriateness and compassion?" they asked. A 2007 study of 18 to 23-year-olds found they were less able to identify expressions of emotion after playing violent video games. And, while Dr. Rosen's study found that can help people relate better, it also found that excessive social networking makes some teens more prone to aggression, mania, anxiety, and depression.
Suzie Nestico

Social Networks: Thinking Of The Children : NPR - 7 views

    Pros and cons about children under 13 using social media.
Ted Sakshaug

My Big Campus - Connect. Collaborate. Learn. - 7 views

    My Big Campus extends the classroom to a safe, engaging online environment.
Megan Black

Creating_a_Positive_Online_Presence.jpg (JPEG Image, 1056x816 pixels) - Scaled (85%) - 25 views

    Advice for students in how to build a positive online presence in comic poster form.
Dean Mantz

Everloop: Home - 13 views

    Secure and safte student socialnetworking site.
Dean Mantz

Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom: When We Will Start Our Egyptian Revolut... - 5 views

    Great blog post reflection on events in Egypt 
Ted Sakshaug

Fridge | Simple and private social networks - 6 views

    make your own social network
Dean Mantz

Dweeber - 9 views

    Connect and collaborate while studying online.
Dean Mantz

Cybraryman Internet Catalogue - 5 views

    Very nice list of great educators on Twitter via @cybraryman
Tony Searl

elearnspace › My Personal Learning Network is the most awesomest thing ever!! - 21 views

  • Diigo sticky notes
  • affective issues and the creation of a place where people feel comfortable and trusted will foster active engagement, that the fostering of strong rather than weak ties will help in this.
  • figure out the conditions in which people might actually want to participate actively by creating, and then producing the environment and the conditions in which participants feel comfortable doing so.
    Where things get a bit more confusing with PLNs is when we fail to advance beyond those warm fuzzy feelings about being connected to others with more substantive knowledge and action.
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