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Leigh Newton

UK Children Go Online | The Communication Initiative Network - 1 views

  • Hence, a new divide is opening up, one centred on the quality of use. The UKCGO survey finds that middle class children, children with internet access at home, children with broadband access and children whose parents use the internet more often are more likely to be daily users and so to experience the internet as a rich, if risky, medium than are less privileged children.
    • Leigh Newton
      Those not falling into this category will lose on the benefits of high-speed, regular internet use.
  • Summary

    This nationwide survey of 1,500 children aged 9-19 and their parents is part of a research project carried out by UK Children Go Online (UKCGO). Between January and March 2004, researchers conducted in-home, face-to-face interviews, lasting some 40 minutes, of 1,511 children and 906 parents across the United Kingdom.

    • Leigh Newton
      2004 is severely out of date in this field. The figures today are going to be much higher.
  • Currently, 74% have internet access via a computer, games console or digital television
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  • School access is near universal: 92% have accessed the internet at school
  • 88% of middle class but only 61% of working class children have accessed the internet at home;
    2004 research on UK internet access for children. Presumably the figures have increased since then.
Allison Kipta

Technology Review: Don't Blame the Internet - 0 views

    Last year, after the social-networking site MySpace found that its members included some 29,000 registered sex offenders, the nation's top state prosecutors demanded a technological fix, asking that the industry "explore and develop age and identity verification tools for social networking web sites." But a new study concludes that such technologies are unlikely to thwart anonymous predators and that the threat facing children online is no worse than it is in the real world.

Teachers, Parents or Child? - 0 views

    who is responsible for whatever it happens to a child? to know more..check in............a really important question as its answer will determine the future of this world.
Fred Delventhal

The generation raised on the internet | The kids are alright | The Economist - 0 views

    WORRIES about the damage the internet may be doing to young people has produced a mountain of books-a suitably old technology in which to express concerns about the new. Robert Bly claims that, thanks to the internet, the "neo-cortex is finally eating itself". Today's youth may be web-savvy, but they also stand accused of being unread, bad at communicating, socially inept, shameless, dishonest, work-shy, narcissistic and indifferent to the needs of others.
Fred Delventhal

Majority of Kids Are Computer Savvy - 0 views

    An overwhelming majority (89%) of all kids age 6-11 in the US spend at least some time doing online activities and - though many of their basic social activities haven't changed much over the years - they have vastly different communication styles and preferences than older age groups, according to a study from Experian Consumer Research.
Dennis Richards

Reading Rockets : Poetry - 0 views

    "Poetry touches your heart before you know it happens."

    Slipping Past the Intellect: Poets on Poetry
    Listen in as six acclaimed children's writers explore the power and beauty of poetry. "There's always the 'Aha!' There's a catching of the breath that happens, and I hear it all the time from audiences when I read," says Nikki Grimes, author of
    It's Raining Laughter, 12 joyful poems about growing up.


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